Egretia Native is officially released!

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Along with the upgrading engine technology, HTML5 gaming has grown steadily in its industrial ecosystem, the number & quality of games as well as its market. Meanwhile, more and more game developers opt to build the hardcore, high-quality and multi-platform games.

The adoption of HTML5 technology not only ensures that the quality of game is compatible with native games but also increases revenue for game developers. Thus, the solution for packaging HTML5 game is a must-have feature in HTML5 engine.

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Egretia Native, as one of main products, aims to enable developers to release game to multi-platform by one-click and simplify the method of game release. Egretia Native can power 2D game and 3D game with high efficiency in packaging and running performance.


  1. Power 3D games and 3D/2D hybrid games

Egretia Native allows users to package 3D game developed by Egretia engine with high efficiency and power 2D&3D hybrid games by automatically optimizing the rendering. Its architecture and design ensure that game can run smoothly and rendering can be improved among plenty objects at same time.

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2.Reduce the package size

There is concern about the package size of native game, except for the efficiency. Egretia Native reduces the package size without prejudice to the function and efficiency of game.

The size of empty project package is as follows:

IOS: ipa file 2.3M

Android: apk file 18.7M

Notably, Egretia Native supports three different CPU architectures in Android:



· x86

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Egretia Bi-weekly Report XXXII

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》The new version of Egretia Engine release!

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Technology Development

Egretia Engine Upgrade! A big boost in compiling speed!

Here we will introduce some features, including JavaScript Module Support, upgraded EUICompiler and Inspector updates

JavaScript Module Support (beta)

We allow developers to use JavaScript module and meanwhile provide a webpack packager which can package the multiple files of JavaScript module into one file so that it can run on the previous browser without supporting JavaScript.

The Upgraded EuiCompiler (beta)

The UI and related logic are one of the most workload-intensive parts in games developed by Egretia Engine. In the new version, we have comprehensively improved the UI development experience and upgraded UIEditor whose internal code structure is much clearer and more extensible.

Inspector Updates

1.Fix the error that TOUCH_END event doesn’t work

2.Fix the issue that selection is still available when it shows visible=false

3.Fix the problem that it cannot be parsed correctly when there are special symbols in the URL path of the game.


EGT Bounty Campaign

To celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, Egretia has given away 18,888 EGT *1 and 8,888 EGT *2 which attracted many participants to share their bitcoin stories in our telegram community. In the coming future, Egretia will adopt the incentive mechanism to encourage more people to interact with us and foster a robust gaming ecosystem.

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YouTube Review of EGT

Here comes a Russian video regarding Egretia for our overseas community, check it out:

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