Egretia cooperation with Atlas Protocol (ATP)!

Egretia, the world’s first HLML5 Blockchain Platform and Atlas Protocol(ATP), jointly announce that they will further cooperate with each other strategically in the coming future. Both enterprises will take initiative to cooperate with each other in the blockchain interactive advertisement, to concentrate on the practical application environment and to promote the prosperity and innovation of blockchain industry through the complementary advantages of both sides.

Egretia , the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. By the integration of the existing HTML5 technology and tools with blockchain, Egretia aims at forging a globally and successfully comprehensive blockchain game development workflow.

Through Egretia development workflow, developers can create the blockchain games flexibly and efficiently without paying attention to the blockchain complicated underlying technology, also it assures the virtual asset circulation between games and games. Meanwhile, Egretia establishes four core platforms which are decentralized communication &storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, virtual prop trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubators, by providing the comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content suppliers, channels and advertisers to build up an impeccable ecology.

Atlas Protocol (ATP) is an application layer protocol of tokenized marketing and is incubated by Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA). The project aims to construct technical stack that will enable a new on-chain interactive ads paradigm. With the target ranking of on-chain activities and token to enable value circulation, Atlas Protocol presents a new interactive marketing media based on blockchain transaction and defines marketing interactions among on-chain audiences. By exploring the new form of on-chain interactive advertising, Atlas Protocol contributes to bringing the new increments to the blockchain world, eliminating information asymmetry and establishing the blockchain Interactive Advertising Traffic Alliance. It has launched Atlas Ads product solutions including Smartdrop and SmartVoting.

The cooperation will enable Egretia’s development tools to integrate with Atlas Ads SDK, which make it possible that the content created by developers can be connected to the blockchain advertisement by one-click with rewarded tokens accordingly. Meanwhile, Egretia game platform will integrate with Atlas Ads SDK as well so that users in Egretia game platform can obtain more blockchain ads information with the rewarded tokens.

The realization of strategic cooperation between Egretia and ATP will unveil a new era of the exploration of blockchain development, further facilitate the integration of both advance sources and speed up the foundation of blockchain application. Meanwhile, the mutual innovation, cooperation and initiatives will not only benefit the developers, but also motivate the creativity, and powerfully promote the prosperity and boom of this industry.

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