Egretia Bi-weekly Report XXXI


》Egretia 2020 Roadmap Update

》EGT is available on SimpleSwap

》EGT Giveaway Campaign

》Blockchain Game Workflow Upgrading

Egretia2020 Roadmap Update

In 2020, the game application and blockchain technology innovation are high on the agenda of Egretia, especially the development of brand new open-source gaming platform and technical collaboration. On top of that, the promotion and training of blockchain technology will become a new growth driver amid the continuous refinement of Egretia ecosystem.

More info:

Egretia is available on SimpleSwap!

EGT is available on SimpleSwap where users can choose EGT 300+ other cryptocurrencies to buy or swap EGT without sign up.

SimpleSwap is a simple and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and limits.

40000 EGT Giveaways!

To appreciate the community’s continuous supports, Egretia has given away 40000 EGT on International Workers’ Day which attracted more than 500 participants. Two random winners have been awarded accordingly! In the coming future, Egretia will adopt the incentive mechanism to encourage more people to interact with us and foster a robust gaming ecosystem.

Blockchain Game Development Workflow Upgrade

Last few weeks, Egretia R&D team has been working on the maintenance and upgrading of blockchain game development workflow. The optimization of Egretia engine has been put stress on to provide a better service. Besides, the design of prototype and development of open platform is in progress, which will be designed to seamlessly connect with blockchain contents and channels.


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