Egretia Roadmap 2020

In 2020, the game application and blockchain technology innovation are high on the agenda of Egretia, especially the development of brand new open gaming platform and technical collaboration. On top of that, the promotion and training of blockchain technology will become a new growth driver amid the continuous refinement of Egretia ecosystem.


As a blockchain gaming ecosystem, Egretia has successfully released the initial complete blockchain gaming development workflow in the world. In 2020, under the guideline of expediting the development of gaming industry, Egretia will implement the strategy of more engagement with successful enterprises in upstream and downstream industry and strive to unearth and launch more excellent games.

Q1 Game Incubation & Cooperation

Since Egretia Global DApp Contest kicked off, Egretia has selected the numerous excellent games. The winners will be offered a generous bounty and reward, including further support for project development, incubation and potential investments.

Q2 Partnership Establishment

In order to broaden the marketing channels and set the stage for the open platform, Egretia will take initiatives to seek the potential collaboration with the high-traffic third-party platforms as well as wallets.

Q3 To test the brand-new open platform by combining the accumulated gaming contents and channels.

Q4 Egretia has the potential to become the world-leading blockchain gaming ecosystem by enabling DAU(Daily Active Users) to reach the world’s advanced level of the blockchain gaming industry.


In 2019, Egretia has made great achievements in technology including blockchain gaming Development Workflow upgrade, Testnet launch, Blockchain Browser release, Beta test of Wallet issue, the initial high-quality Football Blockchain Game unveiling as well as the technical collaboration with numerous prominent enterprises in blockchain industry.

In 2020, Egretia will allow users to engage in a beginner-friendly development of blockchain games by the sustainable technology innovation and further cooperation.

Q1 Maintenance, update and upgrade of blockchain game Development Workflow

Q2The prototype design and development of the open platform

Q3 Multi-blockchain releasing of Egretia-powered DApp via one key by coordinating with other public chains and organizations focused on blockchain technology.

Q4 Egretia will take priority to support the development toolkits which meet the specification of ETH 2.0 when it is live to the world.

Blockchain Evangelizing

In 2020, Egretia will strengthen its blockchain technology evangelizing and training aligning with the renowned institutions and universities.

Q1 Egretia has organized various of offline blockchain events for developers in Northern America which exerted a real impact on the blockchain gaming technology publicity.

Q2 Egretia will introduce its technology to more users through online AMA sessions with other related communities in world.

Q3 Egretia will give a big boost to its presence in Asia by planning the training events and seminars based on blockchain gaming technology.

Q4 Egretia will provide an entire suite of online and offline Developer Guides to accommodating the needs of developers after ETH2.0 launch.

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