Egretia Bi-weekly Report XXIX

Over the past two weeks, the Egretia Team has been furthering the development of its technology, strategic cooperation and community ecosystem. Regarding our technology, the R&D team has mostly focused on the development of the new wallet and game platform. As for the community, Egretia Team will keep working on picking quality projects to join its ecosystem! Moreover, Egretia has successfully held events in New York and Los Angeles. In the media many mainstream news sources like CCN have reported news about Egretia. If you like to learn more, please visit our Telegram community channel for further discussion!

> Technology Product Update

#### EGT Wallet

*HD Wallet Optimization

*Wallet Feedback Collection

*Transaction History Service Optimization

* Other Details Optimization

*Cloud Wallet Function Development

*Cloud Wallet Withdrawal Function Development

*Cloud Wallet Third-party Authorized Research & Development

*Third-party Admin Function Development

*Wallet Product Interface Optimization


* Product Interface Design

*Interface Dev.

*Other Function Dev.

#### Egretia Open Platform R&D

*Open Platform Prototyping

*Open Platform Interface Design

*Open Platform Official Website Dev.

Community Ecosystem

Egretia Meetup — — New York!

On Nov.13th, Egretia held the Blockchain Gaming & DeFi Party | Post Consensus Invest in New York! More than 100 participants and industrial experts, investors and developers gathered here to discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities between the blockchain gaming market and DeFi.

During the party, ENAC introduced the 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest to the attendances. The ENAC organizer also announced that “the winning teams will receive a total of $300K award and long-term collaborations, including support for project development, incubation, and potential investment.” The 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest has launched since October 1, 2019. All participants need to submit their business plans or DApps by midnight of November 30, 2019 EST. As the world’s first HTML5 blockchain game, Egretia encourages developers to combine this programming language with their promising projects.

Speeches were followed by a panel discussion among George Gong (Chairman of Zino Venture), Charles Li (Managing Director of Spark Blockchain), Vishakh (Co-Founder of Cryptonomic, Ex VP of J.P. Morgan) and Cole Kennelly (Account Manager of Staked) on the topic of Blockchain Game & DeFi. During the panel, Gong pointed out that “The imagination space of traditional game industry can be extended in the blockchain world”. Also, Kennelly mentioned that “In the game industry, we will see more products integrated with decentralized finance”. In addition, Vishakh stated: “My previous experience in the traditional financial industry made me see the limitations of traditional finance, while the emergence of decentralized finance seems to have a very good solution to these problems”. In general, the speakers hold an optimistic opinion on the long-term interest of the blockchain gaming market and DeFi.

2019 NYC Blockchain Gaming & DeFi Party was successful and well organized. It was a great opportunity to learn and socialize with experienced blockchain gaming leaders and experts. Speakers and guests are looking forward to the next event held by ENAC in Los Angeles.

Egretia Meetup — — Los Angeles!

On Nov.25th, the Blockchain Game Development & Investment was successfully hosted by Egretia in Los. Angeles. The invested speakers include. but are not limited to, the CTO of FirstBlood Raj Rajkotia, CEO & Co-Founder @ DreamTeam Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Co-founder & Chief Content Officer BitMovio, Inc. Jerry Kowal, Managing Director of Spark Blockchain Charles Li, and ENAC founder Charles and other team leaders in Los Angeles.

This event has attracted numerous passionate and expectant developers, investors, and more. Egretia integrates its world’s first complete HTML5 workflow which was developed for 4 years into the blockchain interface layer, and creates a larger network for all its HTML5 games. This HTML5 workflow has helped Egretia successfully reach over 200,000 developers worldwide. Additionally, the HTML5 content powered by this workflow has covered 1 billion mobile devices.

Screening of DApp Contest!

Since Egretia 2019 Global DApp Contest kicked off on Oct.1st, Egretia has received more attention and expectations from our community. The Egretia team will therefore start to select quality business plans or DApps to let it join its ecosystem. Competing teams will be supported by the brilliant minds in gaming and blockchain technology and will be armed with extraordinary hands-on mentorship throughout the contest. The winners will be offered a generous bounty and reward, including further support for project development, incubation and potential investment.

The 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest has received great amounts of mainstream media attention and increased the number of use cases for Egretia and its technology among global blockchain developers, game studios and other potential gamers. More gaming DApps will continue to be built by game studios and developers, which will bring new blood into the Egretia global gaming ecosystem. Undoubtedly, Egretia’s global DApp competition will not only bring Egretia to a broader stage, but it will also bring blockchain gaming to the next level.


CCN: Egretia Believes that Blockchain Gaming Is the Tipping Point for Mass Blockchain Adoption

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