Traditional Game Giants VS Startup

Peter Huang — Peter is an avid entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry. Prior to the explosion in online gaming, Peter founded 1D in 2004, an online music community using Flash technology to allow users to sing and play games together. And later 1D won the Red Herring Top 100 Award. During his time as a platform technology manager at Adobe, he was responsible for Flash technology promotion and monetization over online traffic. In 2014, Peter joined Egret Technology as the co-founder, dedicated to HTML5 engine, tools and platform. Within four years, Egret Technology has reached more than 200,000 developers and the content powered by its engine has covered over 1 billion mobile devices. In 2017, Peter utilized HTML5 and Blockchain technology to start Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform.

Q1: At the end of last year, many game companies, including JULININFO,ENTERTAINMENT and so on, announced that they would begin to go in for the blockchain-based game. After 1 year, is it clear and how do you think about the profit mode and business mode of blockchain game?

A1:Blockchain has been a hit last year, it’s win-win for this field to have the famous giants in, which not only draws attentions from numerous gamers, but also gives an impulse to the development and growth with the experienced teams. As far as I am concerned, we are still in the exploration and our initial industrial enterprisers have concluded the considerable lessons for us. However, the approaches of expansion and sustenance have urged us to keep up trial and exploration. Therefore, what I thought is that it’s fair and open to everyone in this industry however big or small team are.

Q2: Why does it seem that the startups are always followed by the traditional game giants just as the fact of Crypto-kitty by Canadian then Netease and Tencent. Could you please explain this phenomenon? Why the giants act like this? What’s meaning of the connection with chain for them?

A2:Among all the games ranging from PC, web and phone, the most successful ones he approachestend to be created by the startups or small groups while the game giants try, follow up then put it all. Why?

To be clear, the strategic team of giants must have the excellent sense of marketing and technology. But when they invest or introduce new technology or new mode, they will have following concerns: 1. Market scale. In fact, marketing determines the incremental profit based on the current revenue. Therefore, they will estimate and figure out the perfect timing before they enter the market. 2.KPI and ROI. Every department of enterprises has been set the target earnings, which makes the giants who master the most advanced technology calm down and evaluate the market if the efforts and period of return are far worthless than its estimated profit. Obviously, company should give the priority to performance and revenue instead of risk at brand new orientation which may cost same resources but earn less. That’s also why Flash web game spent couples of years on transition. It’s known that the innovation and revolution require the high expenses and risk, so only executive managers can make decision. Although the giants have the cutting-edge technology, numerous users, rich financing and innovation, there are many factors to be considered for them. Once they start to invest, it’s hard to call off. Thus, they would rather have a trial in the first place, then move forward based on the traffic and feedback.

Take Netease as an example, as far as I am concerned, Netease developed the Pet Game and connected the Masterpiece Game with blockchain, which didn’t affect the existing business but utilized the products with users to push the blockchain content. It turned out that the internal managements recognized this approach since Netease integrated the blockchain with more new products recently. You must know that Netease is very strict and thoughtful in inspection, users’ behavior and psychoanalysis. Therefore, currently the blockchain game is recognized as the attempt for giants but perfect time for startups.

Q3: Some people hold that traditional game giants would monopolize the traffic and market once they enter the blockchain industry, what’s your opinion?

A3: It happens. However, the final giants may not be these previous traditional ones. I don’t agree with that. If the traditional giants also manipulate every single industry, then why the startup can emerge? It means that the giants cant cover everything and leave a chance for startups to be successful and innovative.

Q4: How does they make a good choice to develop in blockchain? Traditional Giants?

A4:Every company has its own advantages and is supposed to find out their position in the new technology era. The blockchain is still in primitive, the application has been connected to products, users, payments and operation and so on. For startups, if you are good at products, you can take in knowledge quickly in blockchain technology to release the new products with blockchain; if your team are good at community and operation, please give the priority to the users so as to become the community force in the blockchain game; if your team has multiple channels with other platform, you can consider how to attract more traditional gamers to blockchain game; if your team mainly targeted at wallet and exchange, you should focis on the blockchain game payment API, users’API and distribution platform. As for us, Egretia team, are good at game development tools and workflow, thus we are committed to forging game development workflow for mainstream chain, attracting more developers to blockchain game, meanwhile providing the channel and payment platform and more games on more platforms. I am looking forward to seeing the giants bring us more quality game, user resources and distribution platforms.

Q5: Who will be the winners in the end in the blockchain?

A5: Just like film, gaming is an innovative industry, The capacity of the team is key to a successful product. In a word, product, user and operation are the key factors. In aspect of products, the team has designed a entertaining game, which is core factor. If the game itself is not attractive, everything will be meaningless. As for user, team should have a deep knowledge of own gamers characteristics, the stable channels or related partners. They can win the gamers’ understanding then users are willing to spread your products; For operation, team should be able to maintain the community ecology, serve the core players and timely collect the feedback to update products. To become the hottest game requires a lot and none of key factors can be ignored.

Q6: What do you think of the most influential thing when the traditional game giants enter the blockchain?

A6: The effect has been around. I consider the users as the most influential thing.

The blockchain belongs to the internet business. Traffic is not up to the daily data or payment rate, but accurate position and best service for users. The movement for giants into blockchain will stimulate the ecosystem. Their brand, quality of game, partner platform and channel will bring more gamers into blockchain so as to make this industry flourish.

Q7: What kind of changes do you think It will happen in the blcochain game in 2019? What’s you prospect within 3 to 5 years?

A7: Certainly, the blockchain game market will continue to emerge in 2019. Over the past 1 year, this industry is still speculative, but people insist that gaming is the fast to become popular in the blockchain, easy to establish and develop. Blockchain game will become the mainstream game, and has a long way to go. But in the end, it will be successful as it was supposed to be.

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