The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Platform Egretia Reaches the Strategic Cooperation with Public Blockchain MagnaChain

Today, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform Egretia officially announced a reached strategic cooperation with MagnaChain in the underlying public blockchain. Both enterprises will jointly provide the more advanced blockchain game technology solutions, meanwhile establish a vigorous and sound blockchain game ecosystem.

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. By the integration of the existing HTML5 technology and tools with blockchain, Egretia aims at forging a globally and successfully comprehensive blockchain game development workflow.

Using Egretia suite, developers can create the blockchain games flexibly and efficiently without paying attention to the blockchain complicated underlying technology, also it assures the virtual asset circulation between games and games. Meanwhile, Egretia establishes four core platforms which are decentralized communication & storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubators, to provide the comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers, and build a perfect ecosystem.

MagnaChain is a set of integration tools applied to the decentralized blockchain application development, including a set of the underlying public blockchain and relevant tools. The decentralized application development on the basis of the blockchain technology is more innovative and efficient due to its high efficiency, stability, security and accessibility in terms of the design. MagnaChain facilitates the game developers to connect to the Chain easily and echoes the blockchain technology’s supports for game innovation, particularly, in terms of game applications.

With the strategic cooperation between Egretia and MagnaChain, both enterprises aim at establishing the blockchain game ecosystem by the concerted support and shared resources in business development. The concept of the main fields of cooperation includes:

  1. To promote the development and foundation of the blockchain game around the world, Egretia and MagnaChain propose the initiative to establish the blockchain game technology standard alliance and conduct much of its work with the UN members.
  2. To mutually accelerate the pace of blockchain game contest and dig the excellent development teams in blockchain game.
  3. To facilitate the mutual prosperity ranging from the main blockchain to products values by exercising the complementary advantages of both enterprises in blockchain.
  4. Egretia will provide MagnaChain with the development of the engine technology access and support in the game ecosystem without charge. In return, the free technology supports for the base chain will be offered by MagnaChain to Egretia tools development in blockchain game.

The cooperation between Egretia and MagnaChain plays a vitally important role in establishing a global blockchain game ecosystem. H5 game is most likely to become the initial game running on the blockchain. The cooperation will satisfy the developers of Egretia with highly efficient and convenient services, lay a foundation for the blockchain game development and promote the industrial upgrading.

Game, considered as the prior and most potential scenario of landing spot for blockchain technology, has caught the attraction from the providers, institutions and investors in variety of fields including blockchain, game recreation and cryptocurrency. The strategic cooperation between Egretia and MagnaChain will accelerate the value of the cryptocurrency, enhance the circulation and reduce the risks in the game by the technology characterized by the decentralization, transparency, tamper resistance, and smart contract. The game developers will unprecedentedly expand the possibility of game innovation and profits, and usher in a new era of H5 game industry.

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