The world’s first “HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Alliance” is established


On May 19, 2018, the world’s first “HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Alliance” is established on the “Global HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Summit 2018” in Beijing. Representatives of alliance members from all over the world attended the event and witnessed the ceremony of the world’s first HTML5 blockchain game industry alliance. The alliance was initiated by Egretia and Egret Technology together with some senior technology companies and game media organizations. It aims to strengthen the communication among developers in the global blockchain technology industry, explore the real application scenarios of blockchain in the game field, and promote the cooperation among blockchain enterprises and excellent projects to create a win-win ecosystem for blockchain applications.

The industry alliance is established by following the tendency

Relying on “decentralization” and self-construction of “consensus ecology”, blockchain technology innovation and commercial applications expand continuously, increasingly affecting industrial upgrading, transformation and value reshaping, and gradually becoming an indispensable transforming gene in the future. Development has therefore received universal attention on a global scale. Games and blockchain are a match made in heaven. Although blockchain technology is still developing, blockchain core technologies such as distributed ledger, smart contract, and consensus mechanism have a huge potential and broad prospects in games.

The establishment of the “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” conforms to the development tendency of blockchain technology, focusing on the development strategy of the emerging technologies of the global mobile Internet, and focusing on complementing the existing cooperation mechanisms. The alliance will be the first global non-profit industry organization in the field of HTML5 blockchain games, with the aim of “globalization, cooperation and innovation, mutual benefit and win-win strategy”, with the principle of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit, sincere cooperation”. Committed to promoting coordination and organizing extensive cooperation among the members, to jointly create an open, inclusive and innovative HTML5 blockchain game cooperation framework, to contribute to the development of the HTML5 blockchain game industry, and to achieve a diversified global blockchain game industry with independent and sustainable development.

Open and inclusive, the alliance creates a win-win ecosystem

Egretia launched the cooperation proposal of establishing the “H5 Blockchain Game Alliance”, making the “open, cooperative, trustworthy and inclusive” Internet spirit inherited and promoted under the new situation and will be full of vitality. The mutually beneficial cooperation between blockchain game companies will achieve a new historical height.

With an attitude of openness and inclusiveness, the “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” Committee has involved the world’s first HTML5 blockchain service platform and ecosystem Egretia; Egret Technology, which is the world’s largest HTML5 technology service provider; the smart commercial contract blockchain CyberMiles belonging to 5xlab under 5miles, the United States well-known e-commerce platform; Arcblock, the world’s first blockchain ecosystem designed specifically to develop and deploy decentralized applications; Merculet, the chief growth officer for global entrepreneurs; TrustNote, lead global mining and also have DAG public chain supporting the Internet of Things; Sina Gaming, serves the world’s largest Chinese media player; PlayBlock, decentralized intelligent entertainment platform, dedicated to blockchain technology for global users to provide a better entertainment experience; ETIUM, committed to create a decentralized application platform with centralized performance; CastlePeak World, the world’s first decentralized game platform based on the Middle East market; and many other leading technology companies all over the world, senior game manufacturers and professional game media and so on.

Currently, Egretia has built partnership with Egret Technology to create the world’s first complete blockchain game development toolset successfully, which will bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world and promote the blockchain gaming ecology and development. In order to enhance the overall innovation and vitality of the alliance, the “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” will consider to invite more companies, universities, and R&D institutions with common R&D aspirations, strong R&D capabilities, to join alliance organizations, and share capabilities and achievements, and jointly promote the development of a more reliable Internet.

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