The blockchain Game — Football Master!

In the game, all the dreams that people can’t accomplish in the real world are within reach,for example people can talk to heroes, fight, or even become heroes. In the ideal world of blockchain, people are granted freedom and equality, here they can express themselves and realize their value of life. Of course, the blockchain has much in common with the crypto currency and the general economic model in the game.

That’s why the game has been recognized as the initial foundation scenario of the blockchain technology. Tractica predicated, the global enterprise blockchain market value will reach 4.6Bn dollars in 2018, 20.3Bn dollars in 2025, while the blockchain game will top out as the most commercial project.

Over the past six months, Football Master, the blockchain game which is developed by Egretia, is ready to be released in December!

Egretia CEO Peter has worked in the game industry for couples of years and currently he is keen to the blockchain game with the desired vision. In his opinion, the biggest difference between the blockchain game and traditional game lies in maintenance and appreciation of assets value. Many people in blockchain share this point with Peter. It’s generally said that the estimation, maintenance and appreciation on the chain are the core competence of the blockchain game.

The game players can obtain the virtual goods, win the reputation among game players, also available to transfer to other game players by blockchain technology. Their accounts can be saved but only with assets transferring. What players spent on or invest game become monetization.

It has been rooted in the Football Master. All the premier football stars are officially authorized by the royal football clubs including Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona, Bayern, Inter and so on. Every gamers plays a role as Football Star Manager in the game settings of Football Master and is entitled with the right to establish clubs. The football stars can be won by free draw or the purchasement of card pack by token top-up.

Players can make up a royal team with the stronger players by extra composite card reward from a winning contest or obtain the premier out-of-print football stars by token top-up. Egretia Team also adds the ‘Grab football stars’ model to increase the recreations. For example, players can pay more to tap the potential football stars with the certain frozen period, which means other players can’t buy them during this period, so that the owners can build up his own team with stronger combat power. Within the transaction, the players’ accounts are exclusive to themselves but the asset value can be appreciated and maintained.

In addition, the team competition is based on the football stars’ rank along with HD 3D on-site scene, AI engine and real-time interpretation. The 90% of token the players recharged enters the prize pool as reward. Currently the game supports Token EGT issued by Egretia, ETH or EOS which can be exchanged into EGT in the game according to the real-time exchange rate such as. EGT has been release in some centralized or decentralized exchange like OKEx、Kucoin、Coinex and so on. The EGT gamers withdraw in the game can be freely exchanged in the exchange.

Peter pointed that, most of the blockchain game are too simple without complicated gameplay and logic, which makes it hard to satisfy gamers by launching the game with few lines of codes. However, the design of Football Master seems like a simple game to build up the football team, but actually it requires the wisdom and strategic capability of gamers.

In the popular FM football game, gamers say they can have a detailed and round knowledge of all the football players data, investigate and practice the different tactics. Meanwhile, all the understanding and expectation of common fans can be accomplished and the dreams of football lovers can be achieved along with the success of team and them on basis of seemingly dull data.

So the Football Master does! For junior R gamers can build team with free charge to participant in the competition, and repeat the games continuously to upgrade the players and strengthen the team. For senior R gamers, who have no patience to draw the card daily, can directly purchase the card pack or even unique football players to fast build the team. What’s more, the football game is characterized by the antagonism by nature, which make the Football Master the combination of card collection game and antagonism game with randomness to attract the gamers’ attentions.

The Football Master, launched by Egretia , is the attempt in the blockchain industry. Even though it’s not a hit, but definitely an exploration. It’s reported that, the Football Master offers the core assets to connect with chain to ensure the transparency and fairness of players transaction and all the assets of players are possessed by gamers.

Peter’s initial intention is to bring more gamers to the blockchain world. Maybe players only know the free draw at beginning but don’t know how many tokens they will obtain or be withdrawn or its value. Gradually, the gamers start to take initiatives to know what’s digital currency or wallets or how to pay ect, that’s Egretia team ambition. Since the limited numbers of users in blockchain, someone has to make some bold trials to move forward and invite more gamers in the traditional game in the future.

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