Egretia SmartIDE — Cloud Smart ContractIs, Is Officially Released!

Today, Egretia Team will give an introduction about the SmartIDE cloud smart contract as a development tool to all developers. As is known that smart contract development is a must for blockchain gaming. SmartIDE is a development tool of cloud smart contract with powerful functions, which allows the developers to compile the Solidity Contract. Along with Egretia HTML5 engine and Egretia Servers, SmartIDE will dramatically improve the efficiency of development for developers.

Followed by SmartIDE Alpha, Egretia releases the brand new version after collecting all the feedback and comprehensive analysis about the issues from developers. The updated version concentrates on the following parts:

• SmartIDE code refactoring

• SmartIDE UI brand new design

• The position adjustment of SmartIDE function

  • SmartStore functional integration

More details about the upgrading function as follows:

. New features Introduction

1、UI Design Simplification

As picture shows, we redesign UI for SmartIDE similar to a mainstream IDE, which brings much more convenience for developers. Also we will consider to further add features such as skin alteration in compliance with developers’ request.

2、Function Position Rationalization

In the previous version of SmartIDE, the features of compiling, operating, analyzing, debugging and setting are on the right panels, which neither quite accords with the layout of the mainstream code editor nor is easy to utilize. Thus, our team switch these functions to the top left side as above and also all the developers can adopt SmartIDE very habitually just as using other IDE.

3、The Embedded SmartStore

It’s totally different to compile smart contract and traditional internet code. For example, in the development of traditional websites, errors or mistakes can be fixed by upgrading the code while it doesn’t work for smart contract deployed in the blockchain. Since the blockchain is tamper-resistant, the only approach of debugging is to redeploy the smart contract. If it happens, it’s not only a waste of Gas deployment fee but also the consume of developers’ credit for the users. The SmartStore includes all the testified code in the blockchain for developers from the elementary to the advanced smart contracts,

dramatically lowering the threshold of smart contract development.

The previous version of SmartStore and SmartIDE were completely separate, but in this version we seamlessly embedded SmartStore into SmartIDE, so developers can not only open SmartStore from SmartIDE, but also select the smart contract template they need by clicking “use template” to automatically import to SmartIDE

In the upcoming version, developers can not only select the smart contract template, but also upload their smart contract to the SmartStore for other developers to learn and use, so that they can earn abundant EGTs as return.

4.Convenience of panel switching function

In the process of programming code, developers sometimes want to write completely in an immersive manner which means that the file manager, console and other panels need to be hided. Thus we provide a more convenient and friendly shortcut method of switching the panels by clicking the button as above.

Upcoming functions

Besides all the above functions, Egretia team is also working on the next version of the functions, some of which are as follows.

1. One-click template uploading

2. Smart contract cloud storage

3. One-click log in Egretia account

4. Skin modification function

Copy the link below to PC to experience the latest version of SmartIDE:

Egretia, as the world’s leading HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the world of blockchain. It is hoped that Egretia can provide more wonderful experiences for developers in the future.