Global HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Summit 2018, Rebuilding the Ecosystem of Blockchain Gaming


The Global HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Summit Beijing 2018 (HBGS) took place successfully in Beijing on May 19, 2018. As one of the most influential blockchain industry events, the HBGS continued its series of events in China, the United States, and South Korea. In this summit, it released the complete development workflow for HTML5 blockchain games to the world, and held an inauguration ceremony for the HTML5 Blockchain Game Industry Alliance. Meanwhile, several honorable guests participated in the conference, including the founders of internet technology innovation companies all over the world, the world’s top investment bankers, the top blockchain games players, and media journalists. They discussed the underlying technology of blockchain, the application of ecological landing, and shared the valuable experience and unique insights about development of blockchain technology and games.

Integrating HTML5 Games & Blockchain, Egretia builds the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain development workflow.

The HTML5 game technology boom in recent years is gradually revolutionizing the game industry. Egretia’s exclusive partner, Egret Technology is the world’s largest HTML5 technology services provider, which has more than 200 thousand developers and covers about 1 billion mobile devices.

Egretia combines the existing HTML5 toolset with blockchain to create the world’s first complete HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. It is open to 200,000 developers, and provides one-stop development workflow and technical support. Currently, developers can quickly create unified HTML5 games and applications with digital wallet passes, smart contracts, transactions, as well as access the blockchain easily through the Egretia SDK.

In addition, Egretia has also established the first industry organization “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” with several ecological chain enterprises and organizations to strengthen communication and cooperation among global developers.

HTML5 Blockchain Game Development Workflow Release

The benefits of blockchain gaming are well-known worldwide now. For example, game manufacturer can’t change the game rules written in the smart contracts, ownership and free circulation of game assets. This would cause the relationship between developers and players to be reconfigured. In this summit, Egretia founder Peter Huang released the world’s first complete HTML5 blockchain game workflow, and elaborated on this innovative technological breakthrough for ecological developers.

Egretia has created the world’s first complete blockchain game development toolset, which will bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world. Developers can create blockchain games easily and quickly by using the Egretia toolset without paying attention to complex underlying technology.

The Egretia development workflow provides engines, visual editing wings, Egretia Server, WebIDE, and many other products. It supports mainstream languages and frameworks, and also provides smart coding assistance for mainstream languages. In addition, it helps developers edit code faster. Meanwhile, the workflow integrates the visual development environment, covering the entire process of development, debugging, publishing, and packaging. It also provides expansion capabilities such as resource management, particle editing, and animation editing and publishing on the cloud, which makes the game development experience smoother.

At the same time, Egretia has built four core platforms: distributed communication and cloud storage platform, HTML5 game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubator. This will provide comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitate a complete ecosystem. Developers can not only create blockchain applications quickly through the Egretia’s toolset, but can also receive full service support through Egretia’s platforms for game distribution, advertising, trading, storage, and communications.

Inaugurate HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance to support ecological development

In order to support the development of HTML5 blockchain ecology, the world’s first “HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Alliance” was established on the “Global HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Summit 2018” in Beijing. Representatives of alliance members from all over the world attended the event and witnessed the ceremony of the world’s first HTML5 blockchain game industry alliance.

The “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” is the first global non-profit industry organization in the field of HTML5 blockchain games, organized by Egretia and Egret Technology. It involves Arcblock, Merculet, TrustNote, Sina Gaming, CyberMiles, PlayBlock, ETIUM, CPW, and more. The alliance integrates, optimizes, and allocates various resources of the blockchain game industry. It also motivates members’ creativity and innovation . Moreover, it will also promote cooperation among members, contribute to the development of the HTML5 blockchain game industry, support for funding, and help game companies with development.

In order to enhance the overall innovation and vitality of the alliance, the “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” will consider inviting more companies, universities, and R&D institutions with similar aspirations, talent, and interests. These institutions will form and join alliance organizations, share achievements, and jointly promote the development of a more reliable Internet.

Gather industry leaders & top players to gain insight into the future of blockchain

This summit not only presents a number of critical agendas, but also gathers a lot of industry leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs, investment experts, and top players in blockchain games to explore blockchain technology innovation and real applications.

Zhengjun Zhou, the founder of TrustNote, said in his speech that the essence of blockchain is to give everyone a tool. This tool is used to record trust between people or between equipment and people in the future. TrustNote solution is used for this purpose. Hui Cheng, head of Merculet’s global business development, said in the keynote speech that Merculet is doing its job to help traditional enterprises to use blockchain and help ordinary developers achieve rapid deployment and rapid implementation of Token-based operations.

Xiang Huang, the founder of GalaSports, pointed out in his speech about how to make the blockchain game more interesting. It requires a worldview, storyline, character settings, core gameplay, and competition methods. The top player of blockchain game, Nick Wu, appeared to share the 6-million RMB cost of experiencing the blockchain game. At the same time, he believes that with blockchain, game data will no longer be easily tampered with, and the game rules will be relatively transparent. Also, game assets will also be more independent.

During the panel discussion, the moderator Peter Huang, founder of Egretia, and five honorable guests Edwin Chen, Xiaoxing He, Nick Wu, Lijian Xiong, and Zhengjun Wu discussed the differences between traditional games and blockchain games, and how blockchain technology is applied to games. They also discussed the differences between blockchain game players and traditional game players, how to combine Token, blockchain and games, and how to develop a popular blockchain game. They shared their understanding of the status of blockchain technology, decentralized trading,H5 games, and future development.

At present, blockchain has been in the spotlight, and its application has been extended to various fields such as finance, digital asset trading, and games. Gaming is one of the fields that are compatible with blockchain. Although blockchain technology is not well-developed, the core technologies of blockchains, such as smart contracts and authentication, have strong applications in games. In the future, with the breaking of trust barriers, transparency of transactions, and protection of virtual assets, blockchain will help the game industry solve problems and promote the reconstruction of a reliable and stable ecological environment.

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