Exclusive Interview with Peter — Egretia Founder!

In Nov. 2017, Cryptokitties, the blockchain game, came out and was recognized as breaking a record of over 14000 active addresses per single day, which caused the jam of ETH transaction.

The combination of blockchain and game brought the bright future to ETH more than issuing token. DApps emerged since then, but no one could be overwhelming.

As the market slumped, gamblers desired to be a millionaire as always. As a result, Casino Gaming became the hottest DApp in the public chain. The game named Fomo3D designed by 4 team members, has achieved 300M CNY deposit within less than 1 month after its launch. Meanwhile, some people viewed it as “The Humanity Lab”,” Ponzi scheme” or “Game of the Greedy”.

Although these games have been a hit attracting the considerable users, most of games began to fade in a very short time from its incubation period.

Weather the blockchain game could survive after revealing the humanity? Let’s explore it with Jinsecaijin and Egretia CEO Peter! Get ready?

User is the key

“If you wanna make a difference in a vertical industry, it’s fundamental to attract users as much as possible. Concentrating on users makes it possible to realize the influence of internet traffic. And it won’t work without benefit if all the users are profit-seeking in cryptocurrency. Thus, it’s significant to have own users of DApps.” — Peter

DApp may become popular due to Casino Gaming, while speculative users may exit at any time. Without users, DApp can’t persist. Thus, the shift to users focusing on the game itself and experience should be the next step. However, we cannot only count on the users in crypto currency to achieve.

Peter added, if users are exclusive to the crypto currency sector, it may be essential to master more channels. However, as far as I know, there are couples of teams which are really working on the innovative game, and what they are attempting are to integrate the classic or fantastic game with the blockchain. Most of us are trying and targeting at expanding users. For the incremental market, Peter urged to introduce more traditional users. ”

There are 10 million virtual residents after Netease launched a blockchain-based game ”Nishuihan” in June. Followed by Baidu’s Leed’s Dog and Tencent’s blockchain game release, other internet giants began to get involved, which attracted plenty of traditional gamers.

When asked about the internet giants settlement in the blockchain, Peter said that it’s quite encouraging for us to have all these giants with traditional users who realized the revolution of the blockchain game or the recreation which traditional gamers couldn’t enjoy under the centralized service. In fact, the products what our giants lead to develop or create will convince more other developers. Moreover, based on their original scale, they will make the blockchain game widespread and household word for more gamers. This is very positive mode!

The traditional game must integrate with blockchain

As far as I concerned, it’s only a matter of time to integrate the blockchain technology with game. But it’s impossible to completely replace the traditional game with blockchain technology. What I emphasized is that blockchain would be complementary for mainstream game. Actually, the reasons why DApp failed are immature gameplay, frail chain integration, high threshold, limited blockchain users coverage and so on.

As the monopoly of public chain, Ethereum inevitably needs to overcome the dilemma of declining DApp. Peter pointed that, it’s because of low coverage of blockchain users and single games.

The first issue is that blockchain game only focus on the crypto currency users, covering dozens of million or less, around a dozen million in the world. Secondly, people would be tired of the single game. In addition, there are some selling cards, trading currency, crypto cat or derivatives while other are developing Casino gaming or FOMO, however, you will find out that traffic is almost same and not very high.

Although the casino gaming took advantage of people’s speculative concepts, the compliance of DApp has been doubted. Peter said, it won’t be sustainable. As the casino gaming or EDU emerges, more homogenization products are following, however the market is not ready for that, so renewal concept may be put forward when the traffic speed becomes slow.

In Peter’s opinion, even the elimination is a trial. He admitted that DApp is under the development, no one knows its right direction. The casino game shared the same page except that it’s excessive pursuit of benefit. Just as the Football Master, the first attempt in blockchain game for us, our team, has been developed for 6 months which is not short if we compared it to other traditional game, but actually long for the blockchain game development. Of course, it’s hard to tell whether it will succeed or not. When you explore something new, there is no doubt that we need to overcome many difficulties again and again.

The game degree of difficulty has been upgraded as many giants participated in. Game has been a part of life and brought a lot of fun for traditional users. Thus, the too simple regulation and operation of DApp no longer applied to them. What attracted those users are the in-depth gameplay, tricky design, exquisite screen and excellent experience, and an era of game content and variety diversification was following. Therefore, people show their anticipation of the mechanism of traditional game with blockchain technology.

For example, Egretia will release the blockchain game called Football Master in December, which integrates the blockchain technology into the asset preservation and appreciation. The users’ account will be saved when users transfer goods, and also the value of asset could be added during transferring. Peter mentioned, not everything about Football Master will be connected to the chain since the game itself is a value-adjusting process in traditional or blockchain industry. The core asset will be connected to chain in Football Master.

When the track is broad and long enough, you have to think about how to overtake on the indirect road. Peter said, the social characteristic and interaction will trigger and boom DApp development. We should focus on and be dedicated to the game with social characteristic and viral marketing. When users have awesome experience interaction between each other, it will be widely spreading and trigger the market.

Believers thinks that it’s promising to achieve the foundation of blockchain technology after DApp emerges. But DApp is confronted with its first challenge. The market has been narrowed when more giants joined. Due to the limit of blockchain’s technology, DApp has been restrained.

Will the blockchain game open a door to the new world? The game rules are always mutually beneficial and competitive. What you have to do is move forward and overcome difficulties so as to embrace the promising future.

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