Egretia Workflow: To provide the best solution for the blockchain game developers

Blockchain game is becoming a household word throughout the world, while few people play the blockchain games indeed. Since the CryptoKitties was launched and went viral, jamming the Ethereum network, millions of similar games such as CryptoDog, CryptoFish was emerging, but none of them became famous as CryptoKitties. Recently, EOS Pixel Master attracts people’s attentions in the industry on the basis of its innovative gameplay.

In fact, blockchain game players and developers are not many since blockchain game has posed many problems or inconvenience including the high threshold for study, the tedious environment configuration and the immature developers community and so on. However, Egretia has provided the complete workflow for the blockchain game development to convert it.

Egretia is committed to becoming the world’s leading HTML5 blockchain platform,utilizing the mature blockchain game development workflow, improving the performance of blockchain game by Egreita public chain, spreading the blockchain game, and further expanding the blockchain game players.

The apparent shortcomings in blockchain games

While the blockchain games become more and more popular, its shortcomings has been revealed. First, incomplete blockchain game development tools. Even though there are numerous hottest blockchain games emerging, the large gaps existes between the current games and traditional games. One of the reason is the incomplete blockchain game development tools.

Secondly, the performance of blockchain game is not good enough.

The gamers in the hottest traditional game can reach more than 100 million, while the blockchain gamers couldn’t be the same. Otherwise it will result in the serious jamming in the blockchain. For blockchain gamers, you can say that it’s high-quality game if the gamers reach more than 10k.

At last, the players community in the blockchain game is too small.

Currently, the current blockchain gamers can’t even reach the users’ traffic of one of the middle-level game since its high threshold in the knowledge of blockchain as well as wallets and in financing.

The current solutions in blockchain gaming industry

To be honest, there are not many tools available for game developers to use, three mains solutions as below:

First, game engine and code editor

The developers need to select one suitable game engine for development. At this point, since many blockchain games are based on H5, so usually developers will choose H5 game engine.

Over the past 7 years in H5 gaming industry, three domestic H5 game engine has been well developed, including H5 development engine and code editor. Relatively, the abroad engine tool is still under development that only third- party code editors are available such as VSCode, Webstore. However, it may reduce the efficiency of development for developers if ETH only can be programmed by the third-party like Web3 without functions such as code reminders. Besides, a series of problems or error may happen while setting up Web3 in different platform.

Second, smart contract and template store

After selecting the engine and code editor, developers need to select smart contract editor to program, debug and launch smart contract. Remix editor is provided in ETH official website but need to download VPN to use. Another editor is Truffle, which is difficult for the beginner without pages of visual programming, debugging and releasing.

Third, blockchain games debugging

After the games development finishes, it must process native debugging. For the traditional game development, it’s very easy and only needs to configure the native development environment while it should be customized for the blockchain games.

One is the local node server. In the local simulation blockchain environment, some developers adopt 「testrpc」to debug while others deploy Ganache client. Besides, the wallet also needs to be test, such as the famous Chrome plug-in Metamask. However, the developers need to use VPN to install it, meanwhile this system can’t process it automatically and accordingly.

Insufficient solutions

Even if there are rare game development methods, it only enables the few developers to utilize but cannot meet most developers’ demands. Even, currently the trend of market environment is not quite suitable for developers to developer blockchain game.

The reasons as follows:

  1. Very high threshold. Developers need to know what these new words means such as Web3, wallet, Remix and so on.
  2. The tedious environment configuration. The experienced developers must realize how hard to configure the blockchain environment in consideration of Web3 version, different configuration between different versions, even bugs sometimes, as well as wired issues to install among different systems.
  3. Domestic developers need to utilize VPN to get more English materials for study due to lacking in materials in Chinese.
  4. No mature developers community. It’s due to less developers that the developers’ community haven’t been mature enough for developers to further discuss.

Egretia’s proposal for approaches

Egretia is forging a one-stop blockchain game development workflow, which enables developers to interact with blockchain by one-click creating blockchain game through Egretia engine without learning tedious blockchain knowledges. Meanwhile, Egretia offers the native node servers — Egretia Server and local debugging wallet — Egretia Wallet, and owns the developers’ community with more than 200k developers to discuss and consult for all developers.

1.Game engine and code editor

Egretia Launcher is the unitary entry for Egretia tool and service. In Egretia Launcher, developers can download the manager engine and related tools for Egretia workflow management, also complete HTML5 creation, management and release. Thus, Egretia Launcher should be the first installation for developers.

2. Smart contracts and templates store

As is known that smart contract development is a must for blockchain gaming. SmartIDE is a development tool of cloud smart contract with powerful functions, which allows the developers to compile the Solidity Contract.

It’s totally different to compile smart contract and traditional internet code. For example, in the development of traditional websites, errors or mistakes can be fixed by upgrading the code while it doesn’t work for smart contract deployed in the blockchain. Since the blockchain is tamper-resistant, the only approach of debugging is to redeploy the smart contract. If it happens, it’s not only a waste of Gas deployment fee but also the consume of developers’ credit for the users. The SmartStore includes all the testified code in the blockchain for developers from the elementary to the advanced smart contracts, dramatically lowering the threshold of smart contract development.

We seamlessly embedded SmartStore into SmartIDE, so developers can not only open SmartStore from SmartIDE, but also select the smart contract template that they need by clicking “use template” to automatically import to SmartIDE.

In the upcoming version, developers can not only select the smart contract template, but also available to upload their smart contract to the SmartStore for other developers to learn and use, so that they can earn abundant EGTs as return.

3.Blockchain game debugging

Egretia Server is the blockchain local node server, which allows developers to deploy the smart contract, develop the application program and test. The four main functions of Egretia Server: Account, Block, Transaction, Daily record.

Account: This page shows account and balance

Block: This page shows the extracted block, Gas and transaction history.

Transaction: This page shows all the transactions operated in the blockchain.

Daily record: This page shows Egretia Server detailed record, which is very helpful for debugging.

Egretia Wallet is a web-wallet provided for developers by Egretia team. The biggest difference between blockchain game development and traditional game development is that blockchain games are interacted with blockchain and wallets frequently. The third-party wallet in the market such as Metamask, is not convenient for developing blockchain game, thus, Egretia teams offers Egretia Wallet, the local debugging wallet. In addition, it’s much easier for developers since Egretia Wallet is embedded to the game.

All in all, Egretia provides the developers with one-stop workflow ranging from blockchain game development, smart contract development to game debugging, which dramatically lowers the threshold of developers. Moreover, Egretia public chain test web and supporting tool are about to be released online, which solves the problem of the incomplete performances of blockchain game. The blockchain game platform, committed to increasing the blockchain gamers, will be launched very soon.

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing 200k developers and 1 billion mobile devices to blockchain world.