Egretia will team up with Merculet to build a new ecosystem of HTML5 game with blockchain

After several months of exploration and testing together, on April 18th, Egretia and Merculet officially reached a strategic partnership. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in the development of tokenization of H5 game developers, virtual items across game life cycles, cross-ecosystem token rights system, and vertical content open platform, etc.

Egretia is the first HTML5 blockchain platform in the world, aiming to bring 200,000 existing developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the world of blockchain. Egretia has combined proven HTML5 technologies and tools with blockchain, successfully creating the world’s first complete blockchain game development toolset. With the Egretia toolset, developers can create blockchain games easily and efficiently without spending extraneous time on studying underlying blockchain technology, and the toolset allows virtual assets flowing between games.

Meanwhile, Egretia has also built four core platforms, namely distributed communications& storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, Egretia advertising platform as well as Egretia incubator, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers in order to build a healthy ecosystem.

Merculet is positioned as the Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurs, helping Internet enterprises embrace token-based operation and provide an out-of-the-box and all-in-one solution. No need to have any blockchain knowledge or to write any blockchain code, just a few parameter configurations can enable token-based operation of the enterprise within one day, to connect with other ecological enterprises, and boost value circulation through the blockchain’s mutual trust system.

Over the past three years, the Merculet team has created a number of products that are stable and have smooth operation models, serving more than 2,700 medium and large apps with more than 30 million daily active users and billions of pageviews per day.

Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon!

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