Egretia Officially Releases Web Wallet! To Facilitate an Easy Access To The Wallet For Developers!


Egretia team launched the SmartStore last week, which meets the developers’ demands on learning programming in a fast way. To further improve the HTML5 blockchain game development workflow, Egretia allows developers to develop the blockchain game by Egretia SDK and Wing, as well as the smart contracts by SmartIDE and SmartStore, and examine the system by the Egretia Server and thetest wallet. Today Egretia officially launches Egretia Wallet, which can offer the developers the access only by the codes and serve the players in the blockchain game better.

The definition of the Wallet:

The wallet is defined as the management container of cryptographic key (Private Key and Public Key)in digital assets. Users can transact and authorize it by the signature of private key. The transaction information is not stored in the wallet but the blockchain. If the wallet is compared to bank card, the address of wallet is like the bank card number.

The Newly-added Function of the Wallet Creation

There is no option in the test wallet to create the wallet since the debuggingwallet is directly connected to and automatically generated by the Egretia Server. While the web wallet should have the function of creation.

The wallet can be created in the Egretia Wallet directly, and users should backup Mnemonic in case of the asset losses.

Support the EGT

The blockchain game developed by Egretia can be connected with Egretia Wallet through a few lines of codes which support the top-up and transferring by EGT. Therefore, the developers can directly realize the support for charging and transferring by EGT without extra development.

Newly-Added Transaction History

The relevant ETH or EGT top-up and transferring during the whole game can be timely viewed in Egretia Wallet and confirmed whether its successful payment so as to avoid the operation mistakes such as the replicated payment.

Support the multiply network Options

Egretia Wallet not only offers the access to the multiply official main net servers but also the access to the test network. Users can switch to the other main net servers if some main nets are disconnected for some certain reasons. Besides, the access of test nets will be provided on the occasions of examining the game by using the test net.

Synchronous Update — Web Wallet UI

Lots of developers are adopting the Web Wallet, which has been launched for quite a while. Along with Egretia Wallet official release, Web Wallet UI will be updated synchronously.

Egretia will constantly improve the whole workflow including development, debugging, smart contract development and online operation in HTML5 blockchain game and facilitate developers’ one-stop development of the HTML5 blockchain game.

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