Egretia joins hands with Egret Technology, bringing the 200,000 Developers & 1 Billion Mobile Terminals into the World of Blockchain


On May 19, the “Global HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Summit 2018 (HBGS)” was successfully held jointly by Egretia and Egret Technology in Beijing. Peter Huang, the host of the summit as well as the founder of Egretia, attended the event and delivered a keynote speech. He released the world’s first complete HTML5 blockchain game workflow and announced the roadmap of the product. Egretia joined hands with Egret Technology to create the world’s largest HTML5 blockchain game ecosystem, which brings the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world.

Opportunities and Challenges Coexist. Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes the Game Industry

Relying on “decentralization” and the self-construction of “consensus ecology”, the innovation and commercial applications of blockchain technology continue to expand, which greatly affects the industrial upgrading, transformation, value reshaping, and gradually becomes an important transforming gene in the future science and technology world. Gaming is one of the fields that are compatible with blockchain. Although blockchain technology is still developing, the core technologies of blockchain, such as distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms have wide applications in games. Developers cannot change the rules of the game once they are written in the smart contracts. The significance and advantages of blockchain games are generally recognized by the industry because of the free flow of the ownership of the game assets and the reconstruction of the relationship between the developers and the players.

Although the emergence of blockchain technology brings many changes and positive meaning to the game industry, opportunities and challenges still coexist. Peter Huang said that tools, public chains, payments, and communities still have a lot of room for completion and optimization. Every critical side of the blockchain game industry should jump out of the traditional game mode as well as the present limitation. They should explore patiently rather than speeding up the ripening of the industry. Then they will be able to give blockchain, this new technology, enough time to develop and evolve through games.

Cooperating with Egret technology, Egretia creates the complete HTML5 blockchain ecosystem

With the continuous breakthrough of blockchain technology, irrational speculation is decreasing. From the underlying technology, platform development and vertical application, the real application of blockchain is developing. The blockchain closed-loop is gradually improving too. Peter Huang pointed out that by cooperating with Egret technology, Egretia has created the world’s first complete HTML5 blockchain development toolset, which will bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world. Developers can create blockchain games easily and quickly by using the Egretia toolset without paying attention to complex underlying technology, and can trade virtual assets between different games.

At the same time, Egretia has built four core platforms: distributed communication and cloud storage platform, HTML5 game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, Egretia advertising platform, and Egretia incubator. This will provide comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content-providers, channels, and advertisers. Also, it will facilitate a complete ecosystem. Developers can not only create blockchain applications quickly through the Egretia’s toolset, but can also receive full service support through Egretia’s platforms for game distribution, advertising, trading, storage, and communications.

Adhere to openness and inaugurate “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance”

Peter Huang pointed out in his keynote speech that in on order to support the ecological development of the HTML5 blockchain, Egretia and Egret Technology teamed up with Arcblock, Merculet, TrustNote, Sina Games, CyberMiles, PlayBlock, ETIUM and CPW etc. to inaugurate the world’s first HTML5 blockchain game industry alliance organization named “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance”. The alliance aims to strengthen the communication among developers in the global blockchain technology industry, explore the real application scenarios of blockchain in the game field, promote cooperation among outstanding blockchain companies and projects, and create a win-win ecosystem for blockchain applications together.

The “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” integrates the various resources of the blockchain game industry and optimizes the allocation and motivates every member’s creativity and innovation. Moreover, it will also promote cooperation among members, contribute to the development of the HTML5 blockchain game industry, support funding and help game companies with development. Peter announced that in order to enhance the overall innovation and vitality of the alliance, the “HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance” will consider inviting more companies, universities, and R&D institutions with similar aspirations, talent, and interests. These institutions will form and join alliance organizations, share achievements, and jointly promote the development of a more reliable Internet.

An efficient and user-friendly HTML5 blockchain game development workflow release.

As blockchain technology is gradually applied to more game scenarios, more and more developers are beginning to try to learn this emerging technology. HTML5 blockchain games include many complicated processes such as: creating games, developing games, debugging games, developing smart contracts, and more. However, there are many pitfalls associated with studying blockchain. For example, it lacks development tools and development community resources. Complex languages ​​and numerous public chains bring a high cost of learning for developers. In addition, wallet security issues are also plaguing developers.

Egretia combines the mature HTML5 development workflow with blockchain technology to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. Developers can quickly create unified HTML5 games and applications with digital wallet passes, smart contracts, transactions, and more through the Egretia SDK. Peter officially released this one-stop development workflow and shared the product roadmap at the conference. At the same time, he demonstrated the workflow video and application cases.


2018 Q2 Release Egretia Blockchain

Workflow Alpha Version

2018 Q3 Support Ethereum, EOS and other third-party public blockchain

Release the first batch of games and applications

2018 Q4 Test public blockchain and release the development tools

2019 Q1 Release user digital wallet

2019 Q2 Release blockchain game platform

2019 Q3 Release virtual trading platform

2019 Q4 Release advertisement platform

2020 Q1 Release Egretia public blockchain

Release Candidate edition

2020 Q2 Release stable Egretia

Public blockchain version 1.0

The Egretia development workflow provides engines, visual editing wings, Egretia Server, WebIDE, and many other products. It supports mainstream languages and frameworks, and also provides smart coding assistance for mainstream languages. In addition, it helps developers edit code faster. Meanwhile, the workflow integrates the visual development environment, covering the entire process of development, debugging, publishing, and packaging. It also provides expansion capabilities such as resource management, particle editing, and animation editing and publishing on the cloud, which makes the game development experience smoother.

Based on the Egretia HTML5 blockchain game development workflow, Peter demonstrated examples of blockchain game applications such as “The Wasteland”. This application has accessed Egretia KYC authentication, Egretia digital token, Egretia data storage module, and other functions. With the help of the Egretia HTML5 blockchain game development toolset, blockchain application development will become more convenient and more efficient, accelerating the adoption of blockchain applications, and promoting the development of the industry ecosystem.

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