Egretia Has Officially Launched Their Smart Contract Templates Store — SmartStore, Drastically Lowering The Threshold of Smart Contract Development

The Egretia Team is honored to launch SmartStore! As a customized Smart Contract Templates Store, SmartStore can provide the developers with smart contracts templates to meet their demands promptly in programming and studying. Initial version of SmartStore also offers the Token Contracts, ERC721 Smart Contracts and OpenZeppelin Security Contracts facilitating developers’ study.

Drastically lower the threshold of Smart Contract Development.


The people who are familiar with programming Smart Contract must realize that Smart Contract differs from the traditional code programming. For example, for the traditional website development, any mistakes can be rectified by code modification while smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain, the blockchain is tamper-resistant. Therefore, redeploying smart contracts in case of any bugs may lead to the waste of deployment fund as well as the consumption of developers’ credit of users.

SmartStore provides the developers with a summary of the verified codes of blockchain from beginner to the advanced smart contracts, lowering the threshold of Smart Contract Development.

The Safe Smart Contract will be offered

Recently there are many token-listed companies starting to reexamine the security of their token contracts because of the frequent zero-token incidents caused by smart contracts loopholes.

Zeppelin Solutions is a censorship service provider of smart contracts which realized the relevant demands.Based on their censorship experiences, they concluded the excellent practice in OpenZeppelin. Developers can deploy and extend these contracts to establish DAPP with more efficiency and security. In terms of the security of smart contracts, SmartStore offers developers the specialized OpenZeppelin smart contracts series to compile their own suitable smart contracts so as to maximize the smart contracts security.

Smart contracts source codes of the Hottest Blockchain games

ERC721 defines an interface specification of token interaction and circulation with unitary and uniqueness in Ethereum ecosystem. Literally, this specification is a smart contract in Ethereum relying on EVM operation. In brief, ERC721 smart contracts can complete the unitary, uniqueness and circulation of game props.

Taking an Ether Cat as an example, the two of creation cats appearing in set time can copulate, meanwhile the players can acquire the cats offspring characteristic genes based on the defined gene data and genetic algorithm then make transaction by smart contracts.

SmartStore provides developers with smart contracts series based on ERC721 to facilitate their studying and development of ERC721 smart contracts.

Offer English and Chinese versions

Egretia is committed to lowering the threshold of blockchain development therefore English and Chinese versions will be provided by the initial version of SmartStore for developers all over the world. The upcoming version will support Russian, Korean, Japanese ect.

Future Vision

One-click importing SmartIDE, One-click uploading to SmartStore.

Currently, the new version of SmartStore has still been under development. When it completes, the integration of SmartIDE with SmartStore will realize the smart contracts of one-click importing SmartIDE. Besides, developers can upload their smart contracts to SmartStore for the other developers’ reference.

Egretia is world-wide advanced HTML5 blockchain platform, committed to bringing 200,000 HTML5 developers and 1 billion mobile devices into blockchain world.

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