Egretia CEO Peter Huang Was Interviewed in Blockchain Game Celebrity of Sina Game

It’s an urgent concern for the blockchain developers to design a quality blockchain game. In comparison to the traditional game, the blockchain game is characterized by decentralization and it is tamper-resistant because its rules can be programmed and embedded into the smart contract. However, many blockchain developers are lack of knowledge about the blockchain, and in-depth consideration of numerical system, design and core gameplay.

Egretia CEO Peter Huang was interviewed in Blockchain Game Celebrity of Sina Game.

When asked about the biggest challenge for blockchain developers, he replied that, blockchain game is recognized as the best application scenarios of blockchain technology and is quickly spreading. In consideration of its fast development, developers should timely acquire the knowledge of blockchain development tools, languages as well as market environment , and also pick the applicable public chain to integrate with its inherent advantages.

It’s the most challenging for blockchain developers to have the right perspective of the blockchain and consensus mechanism with a dispassionate attitude and to reposition the developers’ sovereignty in traditional games in order to design a value-shared blockchain game in which players and content providers could grow mutually.

In addition, Peter mentioned that, Egretia has launched blockchain development workflow RC(Release Candidate)1.0 version to help developers create blockchain applications very easily and efficiently

Technically, however, it still has a long way to transition from traditional games to blockchain games. It is divided into 3 phases:

First, token, as the game payment. Revolving around the blockchain technical features to design game numerical system and gameplay, this is what most developers are trying to do.

Second, core assets recorded on blockchain. Solve the traditional game inflation issue, and also ensure the value maintenance and value increment of virtual assets the game players have acquired.

Third, some specified gameplay will be conducted in an open and fair way by using smart contracts to set the game logic and rules on the blockchain.

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