Egretia: “Bring 200000+ developers and 1 billion HTML5 terminals into the blockchain world”

The vision of Egretia is to bring 200000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 terminals into the blockchain world.

HTML5 is recognized as the solution for cross-platform and cross-terminal in the world, covering the internet gaming, video, advertising and so on, at the scale of 100 million dollars in the global marketing annually.

Egretia, with its rich experience in HTML5 development, has successfully launched a complete blockchain development workflow to allow the developers to create the blockchain application programming fast and efficiently. Egretia wokflow will allow developers to focus on the content and to create the blockchain application without spending too much time on the integration of the underlying blockchain technology.

Nowadays with the trend of the blockchain technology development, Egretia has reached strategic partnership with the well-known HTML5 technology service provider Egret to establish the blockchain lab and forge the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine & platform by the combination of blockchain technology with HTML5 technology on the basis of Egret existing 200000 developers around the world, They work on accelerating the speed of blockchain application foundation in the vertical industry, the release of quality games and applications and the coverage of 1 billion terminal devices and users, all of which will be tangible and profound for the blockchain development.

In the aspect of team, Egretia’s founder Peter Huang is a serial entrepreneur, who has been devoted himself to the internet and gaming for 18 years. In 2004, 1D music community he founded has been ranked as the top 100 of Asian most valuable enterprise in Red Herring. In 2010, during his time as a platform technology manager at Adobe, he was responsible for Flash technology promotion and monetization over online traffic. In 2014, Peter joined Egret Technology as the co-founder, dedicated to HTML5 engine, tools and platform. Within four years, Egret Technology has reached more than 200,000 developers and the content powered by its engine has covered over 1 billion mobile devices. In 2017, Peter utilized HTML5 and Blockchain technology to start Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform, and aimed at bringing the existing dvelopers into the blockchain world and the realization of much more blockchain application foundation. Apart from that, the core members of Eggretia come from the specialists in the Qualcomm, Adobe, NVIDIA, and blockchain so on.

Construct the complete the ecosystem

The core competitive advantage of Egretia is able to construct a complete blockchain-based ecosystem.

Egretia’s team has the experienced developers with capability of tools development and back-end public chain development. In resources, Egretia has more than 200000 developers around the world and 1 billion mobile terminals users.

“In the aspect of the technology, content, channels and users, Egretia has built a relatively compete ecosystem by the integration of resources” Egretia Founder Peter said during the interview of (The well-known blockchain media in china). And Egretia will follow its roles step by step to build the impeccable ecosystem.

“Firstly, content is the key for the ecosystem. Without developers, without content! Developers need to create more content to win the users, thus the first step to construct the ecosystem is building up a set of HTML5 blockchain development workflow. At this point, Egretia has officially launched our workflow on 8th June, and it’s free of charge for all developers to download on our official website ( ”

Through Egretia’s workflow, developers can develop their own mobile apps as well as games on the basis of the existing knowledge, which means that developers are able to develop the blockchain-based applications very fast by utilizing the developed toolkit of HTML5.

After releasing the tools, we are dedicated to the public chain development. It’s been mentioned that the public chain tests are about to release in Q4 in hope that more developers could create more Dapps through it.

When it comes to public chain, Peter suggested that the less the major and complete public chain is, the more demands of public chain specialized solution and approaches would be in the certain vertical industry, which are the main reason that we focus on the public chain in gaming industry.

In consideration of the impeccable ecosystem, after the above distribution platform, followed by the more games, platforms and users, it will form more crypto assets to facilitate the establishment of exchange platform with the virtual goods and assets. Also it will provide the developers with advertisement platform, which allows them to stay in the whole ecosystem and earn clients by token so as to reach the purpose of advertisement.

Besides, the complete and sound ecosystem means a system with self-sufficiency and normal circulation system. Also they should have own incubator to concentrate on fostering proficient teams and partners related to the ecosystem.

Tools Driven

For content and games, Egretia utilizes tools to drive at first.

Firstly, gaming is the relatively complete virtual economy in terms of the blockchain foundation. The game players have knowledge of forms such as credits and golden coin, thus gaming is much easier for foundation in the blockchain in comparison to other application scenarios.

On the other hand, It’s due to too much cost of traditional App or games to attract the users that Egretia chose to combine with HTML5. Why is HTML5 such a perfect choice to attract the early clients? One reason is that the blockchain users tend to flock together at the community such as telegram with inherent social features. Another is that HTML5 is widely spread by the webpage and link characterized by the fast click to play.

Egreita founder Peter pointed that, ‘Egretia is the world’s first platform to allow clients to freely download the complete workflow to use ranging from the development tools, servers, debuggers, smart contract programming tools to the website wallet.”

In fact, all the Egretia tools are available to download on Egretia official website attached the comprehensive tutorial documents for reference. That is to say, Egretia is committed to bringing more developers to the blockchain industry. Only when the content and users lies, can more quality apps emerge even the killer apps to stimulate the development of the blockchain.

Why Egretia adopted open-source approach and well combined the blockchain technology and tools is that Egretia’s team is not only experienced in developing tools engines where Egretia started but also has in-depth understanding and investigation about the blockchain technology

Except that, after years’ experiences, Egretia team has well knowledge of what all the developers need in the process of development, which is the key to meet users’ demands and stay close.

A strong team should be tenacious!

As an avid entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry, the vital criterial of team evaluation is the profitability, which means that a strong team should be tenacious.

It’s first thing for a startup company to realize their schedule as they expected step by step through technology. Then team can survive by the outcome they made. Peter added that, “To define the success is not the commercial hype or others to manage the team but the real profitability of the product and platform the team made”

When he talked about marketing, Peter said the fluctuation lies in every circle. Currently we should definitely focus on what we want to realize under the market situation. With the rapid development in this circle, the final winner will rely on the capability of the team and the degree of technology foundation.

Peter admitted that any startup business should be intense in any industry under the rapid development and technology upgrading. Actually, Egretia has fully prepared it for a long term.

Each effort will pull us closer to the target in accelerating the iteration of products in accordance of the predicted business mode and extending the testified data. It has been a long way to go before the new technology becomes mature and widespread. Therefore, I am ready to strive for it for a long march mentally as a blockchain entrepreneur. As we know, any non-self-sufficient company can’t survive if they only rely on financing.

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