Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase XIV

In comparison with the hottest Mars Finance Initial Wechat Group (Named: Three O’clock) in last spring festival, the blockchain seems not to have the vitality this year. However, there are still some hotspots that we couldn’t miss:

Bakkt announced that its closing of transaction with Rosenthal Collins Group; The sudden passing of QuadrigaCoinEx founder and CEO, Gerry Cotton; The Telegram ICO’s TON blockchain started to show up; Social media giant Facebook has acquired a small blockchain startup named Chainspace; BTC.TOP founder Jiang said the next goal is to expand bitcoin..

How is the blockchain development in 2019? But for sure there are still many startups like Egretia sticking to its original aim to move forward and accelerate the foundation of blockchain technology. Please review Egretia technical report, media, 2018 NEWS and Milestones.

Technology and product upgrade

1.Egretia test chain

Beta Test of Egretia test chain has been completed

Egtscan server interface is completed, Egtscan front-end interface docking development

The Egtscan front-end interface is completed and the joint debugging starts.

Egretia workflow begins to interface with test chain

2.Game platform support

Game platform refactoring scheme and period has been set.

The new UI of the game platform is designed according to the new product requirements.

The game platform front-end framework redevelopment

Game platform games modification

Game platform back office function optimization


Third-party decentralized gaming platform technical support

EOS public chain platform technical research

Football master game function optimization

Third-party technical support

An Exclusive Interview in Jinse Finance — Egretia CEO Peter Huang

Egretia CEO Peter Huang was invited to Jinse Finance blockchain celebrities meetup program in spring festival reviewing 2018 and sharing a vision of 2019.He concluded that, The prospect of blockchain game is promising, but not all games have to connect with chain. In the future, blockchain game has become a branch of mainstream game and its worth is irreplaceable for original mechanism of mainstream game.

2018 Egretia NEWS & MILESTONES

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