Egretia Bi-weekly Report Phase XI

Over the past two weeks, Egretia Team completed the test package of Football Master Android and IOS and are ready to invite some specified users to test our new game; In aspect of tools, Egretia attempts to connect Egretia wokflow, SmartIDE and Wallet with the mainstream public chain; As for the media, Peter shared his vision and insight into the blockchain gameplay in the interview of Jinsecaijing; Egretia CEO Peter met up with our community this week; Besides, Peter gave a delivery in 2018 FBEC as keynote speaker.

Jinsecaijing Exclusive Interview: Egretia CEO Peter

Dec.3rd, the world’s first blockchain game platform Egretia CEO Peter was interviewed by Jinsecaijing! Peter emphasized that increment of users in markets require more traditional users’ participants; Blockchain technology should integrate with game being complementary to mainstream game rather than a substitute; he reaffirmed that the most social and interactive game would be very likely to become a hit in DApp.

FBEC 2018

Dec.5th, Egretia Founder & CEO Peter Huang was present at the 2018 FBEC with the theme of breakthrough and viral spreading, and couples of modules including blockchain technology and applications summit, blockchain game road show as well as the blockchain and digital recreation summit.

During the conference, Peter shared his vision and insight into the blockchain game and mentioned that only when the developers think highly of game itself and community building to design game in consideration of blockchain users’ characters and the uniqueness of digital assets, the developed blockchain games are possible to become a hit!

Egretia is available on BitUniverse Link!

Dec.6th , Egretia officially announced that Egretia is now on BitUniverse Link! The followers can stay up to date with EGT news and announcements on BitUniverse Link in time! BitUniverse is an all in one cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and trading terminal. With BitUniverse, traders can track portfolio automatically with ease, and check real-time market tickers and trade multiple exchanges with BitUniverse.

Community Events!

Dec.13th Egretia Founder Peter Huang has a in-depth conversation with our community investors and offered a lucky draw for all our community members as a reward. He summarized the fruitful achievements since Egretia was founded and the ambition. In the future, Egretia will organize more events or giveaways in our community! Please join our telegram group if you are interested!

Technology and Product Updates

1. Game platform technical support

Add new game

Support Multiply tokens

Game optimization and debugging

2. Football Master

Android and iOS test package completed

Invited some specified players to test

Game optimization and debugging

3. Others

Connecting SmartIDE with Public chain

Connecting EgretiaWallet with Public chain

Connecting Egretia Workflow with Public chain

Blockchain browser debugging

Third-party Technical Support

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