Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase X

Time flies! Let’s review what our team has achieved within these two weeks! Egretia game platform has released two more new games, meanwhile two other games are under testing and coming soon; Football Master has been updated its performance, newly added the competition system, and issued in December; Egretia founder Peter was interviewed to give a keynote speech in Jinsecaijing(One of the notable chain media), and mentioned that his original intention is to bring more gamers into the blockchain; In addition, Egretia team has recorded a video and EGT giveaways with heartful thanks to our followers and community on thanksgiving day. Stay tuned for more fruitful outcomings in the future!

Technology and product update

1. Game platform technical support

Add two new games under testing

Add new game — Hermes’s money bag

Code underlying refactoring

Optimization of a couple of experience details

2. Football Master

New event system

Add new dubbing of competition in English and Chinese

A lot of UI detail optimization

Game overall performance optimization

Promotion campaign online

3. Other

Game platform architecture design

Fix SmartIDE bug

Fix Blockchain browser bug

Third-party technical support

Thanksgiving Gift!

Egretia would like to express our heartful thanks by this video and give away 88880EGT to our followers! How: Retweet and collect the likes as much as you can then PM me the screenshot before 11:59pm(CST) Nov.24th!! Winners will be rewarded! ! via @YouTube

New Games release!

Egretia game platform released two new games which caught gamer’ attentions! Thousands of participants from community joined these games to experience and won the rewards from the prize pool! Click: to start it!

Peter was interviewed by Jinsecaijing (Notable chain media)

Over the past six months, Football Master, the blockchain game which is developed by Egretia, is ready to be released in December! Peter also added that, the biggest difference between the blockchain game and traditional game lies in maintenance and appreciation of assets value. Many people in blockchain share this point with Peter. It’s generally said that the estimation, maintenance and appreciation on the chain are the core competence of the blockchain game. What’s more, the football game is characterized by the antagonism by nature, which make the Football Master the combination of card collection game and antagonism game with randomness to attract the gamers’ attentions.

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