Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase VIII

Abstract: Over the past two weeks, Egretia Team has concentrated on the development of blockchain game browser, Football Master and new game platform.Egretia Founder attended and delivered keynote speech on the offline summit in Shenzhen; Egretia will be invited to Bplus as the initial quality project in blockchain in the upcoming week. In the future, Egretia team will continue to maintain iterative updates of Egretia Workflow as well as the development of public chain and platform, and further promote the foundation of blockchain applications.

Product &Technology Updates

1. Blockchain Browser development


Block pages

Account page

Trading pages

Detail page

Bugs and detailed modification (in progress)

2. Football Master game

EOS Top-up and withdrawal development

Modification due to Phase I Beta test feedback

New official website and promotion function development (in progress)

3. Game platform technical support

Add two more new games

Multi-language version

New UI Release

Support international mobile phone number registration

Modification of other experience problem

1. Egretia Founder delivered a keynote speech in Shenzhen summit!

On Oct.30th, Egretia Founder Peter was invited to attend the Shenzhen summit and delivered a keynote speech. He gave a detailed introduction of Egretia one-stop workflow ranging from blockchain game development, smart contract development to game debugging, which dramatically lowers the threshold of developers. Moreover, Egretia public chain test web and supporting tool are about to be released online, which solves the problem of the incomplete performances of blockchain game. The blockchain game platform, commited to increasing the blockchain gamers, will be launched very soon.

2. Spam Alert:

Dear all followers, kindly know that DO NOT JOIN the below activity or click below link! It’s not Egretia official activity! Any Egretia Airdrop or Activities must be posted through our official website or official channel! Egretia will never ask for ETH transferring! Please join our telegram community ( and contact our admin if you have any more questions in the future!

Thanks for your attention!

3. Upcoming events

On Nov.12th , Egretia Founder Peter will be invited to attend the Bplus Talk, held by Bplus in Singapore! Welcome all our followers, capitals, exchanges, medias and community members to join us! Scan the below QR code to make a reservation in advance! See you there!

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