Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase VI

Summary: Over the past few weeks, Egretia Team has been committed to developing and upgrading the blockchain Gaming technology including SmartIDE, blockchain browsers, Football Master, SLG access and New Game APP technology development. Besides, Egretia SmartIDE — Cloud Smart Contract, has been officially released! In the aspect of Media, Egretia Founder & CEO Peter Huang was interviewed by (one of the most authoritative Chinese Blockchain Media);Egretia also held an event for blockchain-based gaming industry in Tokyo. In the future, Egretia will persist in the course of the Egretia workflow upgrading and Egretia public chain toolkit development to facilitate the blockchain application foundation.

Product & Technology Development

1. SmartIDE New Version

• Reconfigure SmartIDE to use a clearer internal API

• Multi-language support with automatic recognition and manually switching

•Characterized by language package underlying support enabling other language to be added easily in the future

• Debugging

2. Blockchain Browsers

• Blockchain Browsers prototype design

• Blockchain Browsers design

• Blockchain Browsers development(In process)

3 . Football Master game

• Auction system data docking

• Internal testing of the competition system

• Small-scale internal testing preparation

4.SLG game access

• SDK access

• The Test of access to charge

• New features development and support

• Debugging

5.New Game APP technical support

• Backoffice development

• New system development

• New Features development

• New game access

  • Debugging

New Product Release!

Egretia SmartIDE — Cloud Smart Contract, Is Officially Released!

On Sep.25th, Egretia Team released the SmartIDE cloud smart contract as a development tool to all developers. As is known that smart contract development is a must for blockchain gaming. SmartIDE is a development tool of cloud smart contract with powerful functions, which allows the developers to compile the Solidity Contract. Along with Egretia HTML5 engine and Egretia Servers, SmartIDE will dramatically improve the efficiency of development for developers.

Followed by SmartIDE Alpha, Egretia releases the brand new version after collecting all the feedback and comprehensive analysis about the issues from developers. The updated version concentrates on the following parts:

• SmartIDE code refactoring

• SmartIDE UI brand new design

• The position adjustment of SmartIDE function

· SmartStore functional integration


  1. Egretia held an event for blockchain games in Tokyo!

On Sep 20th , the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, Egretia held an event with theme of blockchain games in Tokyo which echoes the vision of bringing 200k developers and 1 billion mobile devices into the blockchain world.

2.Egretia CEO&Founder Peter Huang was interviewed by

Egretia Founder&CEO Peter gave a detailed introduction of Egretia workflow, the market situation, initial ambition and the faith of the blockchain technology and gaming foundation. As for the dilemma faced by the whole blockchain industry, he brought up a series of practical solutions and mentioned that Egretia has been advanced the foundation step by step. For the content and gaming, Egretia will adopt the tools to drive. He pointed that whether a startup can survive totally depends on their team, platform as well as real products, where the core profitability lies.

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