Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase V

 Summary: Over the past few weeks, Egretia Team has been committed to developing and upgrading the blockchain Gaming technology including SmartIDE, Football Master and New Game platform development. Besides, EGT(Egretia)was officially listed on the OKCOIN KOREA with KRW/EGT support. In the aspect of Media, Egretia Founder & CEO Peter Huang met with Cofounder Dirk to bring up the foward-thinking ideas and creative solutions of blockchain industry foundation; Besides, Egretia is incorporated in one of the most authoritative Chinese Blockchain Media Site In the future, Egretia will persist in the course of the Egretia workflow upgrading and Egretia public chain toolkit development to facilitate the blockchain application foundation.

Product & Technology Development

1.SmartIDE New Version

  • Completed
  • SmartIDE opens SmartStore with one click
  • Smart contract uploading to SmartStore with one click
  • Debugging

1.2 Under development

  • SmartIDE code reprogramming
  • Reconfigure SmartIDE repo to use a clearer internal API
  • Develop plugin APIs that allow development of external plugins
  • Enhance the Control Console Functions

2 . Football Master game

2.1 Completed

  • Competition system
  • Combat system
  • Synthetic system
  • Competition Ranking List

2.2 Under development

  • Auction system data docking
  • Internal testing of the competition system
  • Small-scale internal testing preparation

3.New Game APP technology support

3.1 Completed

  • Experience optimization
  • APP back office management system
  • React version refactoring
  • Newly Add a siege game
  • Debugging

3.2 Under the development

  • New Games to be continued
  • React Version Testing


On 30th Aug, EGT was officially listed on OKCOIN KOREA supporting EGT/KRW! OKCoin Korea, as the branch of the world leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, is invested by the NHN of the largest internet group in Korea, developed and operated by the local team, to provide the legal cryptocurrency exchange services for the Korean.

Strategic Partnership

1.The First blockchain Gaming Custody Fund Coordinated With The Digital Assets By Egretia, Viking Capital & InVault

On 7th Sep, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, Egretia joins hands with the well-known investment institution Viking Capital, and the emerging blockchain enterprise InVault, a turn-key Crypto Asset Custodian, to launch the first custody fund coordinated with digital asset. Focusing on the blockchain gaming, the fund will make a new ground in the gaming industry and grant more powers to the innovative & prominent gaming enterprises to speed up their development.


1. Egretia CEO&Founder Peter Huang and Dirk Meyer (Cofounder) met up!

Egretia Founder&CEO Peter and Dirk met with each other with a deep conversion about the blockchain technology and gaming foundation. As for the dilemma faced by thewhole blockchain industry, they brought up a series of practical and promising solutions and upheld the faith and the version of Egretia to bring more than 200000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world.

2. Egretia is incorporated in one of the most authoritative Chinese Blockchain Media Site

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