Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase IV

quick summary: Without any doubt, these two weeks have been an intense period for everyone here at Egretia, even in the blockchain industry. Egretia Team has been consistently making an effort to develop and upgrade the blockchain Gaming technology including SmartIDE, Football Master and Game platform development, as well as the initial investigation and analysis of the Telegram Bot API and Wechat API. Besides, Egretia officially launched their new website. As for the strategic partnership, Egretia has reached the strategic cooperation with BiNGO.Fun and TrustNote which is recognized as the world’s first minable DAG-ledger public chain platform. In the aspect of Media, Egretia Founder & CEO Peter Huang attended and gave the keynote speech in the HTML5 iweb summit and shared opinion about the underlying blockchain techonogy and game content for the blockchaingaming industry in the interview of TechNode Group. Besides, Egretia launched the community mechanism for candidates. In the future, Egretia will persist in the course of the Egretia workflow upgrading, Egretia public chain toolkit development and the technology support of application foundation.

Product Development & Technology Upgrading

1.SmartIDE New Version

1.1 Completed

•Brand New UI Release

•Re-segmentation the SmartIDE Function Area

• Add sidebar, bottom bar, shortcut buttons of right sidebar and so on

•Reserve the SmartStore interface

•Reserve Smart Contract uploading interface

•Reserve SmartIDE account registration interface

1.2 Under development

• SmartIDE opens SmartStore with one click

• Smart contract uploading to SmartStore with one click

• SmartIDE connects with SmartStore account system

2 . Football Master game

2.1 Completed

• Trading System

• Carding system

• Recharge system

• Array system

• Ranking list

• Mail system

2.2 Under development

• Competition system

• Combat system

• Synthetic system

• Competition Ranking List

3. Game platform technology development

3.1 Completed

• Town center

• Add exploration features

• Free red envelope

• Track master

• Personal Center

3.2 Under the development

• New UI

• Red-envelope Group optimization

• Experience optimization of Track Master

4. Technical research

•Example for H5 connected with chain: Permanently link customized information to the chain through a simple interface

• Public number interface debugging

• Customized wallet SDK combing

New Website Release

Egretia, as the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, officially launched their brand new website, aiming at bringing the existing 200k developers and 1bn mobile devices into the blockchain world!

Strategic Partnership

1. The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Platform Egreita Reaches A Strategic Cooperation with BiNGO.FUN

On 17th Aug, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform Egretia has officially announced a reached strategic cooperation with BiNGO.Fun, whose technology team is invested by Tencent Holdings and the massive hottest products are registered or recommended in Tencent and Google. In the coming future, both partners will work on the in-depth cooperation in the aspect of blockchain content, development workflow and so on, and jointly build up the blockchain world of global game ecosystem.

2. Egretia Cooperates with TrustNote to Promote the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Development!

On 22nd Aug, Egretia, the world’s first HLML5 Blockchain Platform, and TrustNote, which is recognized as the world’s first minable DAG-ledger public chain platform, jointly announce their reached strategic partnership. In the near future, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in three main directions including Blockchain developer community, the underlying Public Blockchain technology and Blockchain content platform, meanwhile furtherly focus on the foundation of blockchain ecosystem application so as to promote the prosperity and innovation of blockchain ecosystem by exerting the complementary advantages of both sides.


1. Egretia Founder&CEO Peter was present in the 2018 HTML5 iweb summit!

On 12th Aug, Egretia Founder&CEO Peter gave a keynote speech on the 2018 HTML5 iweb summit and shared opinion about the current situation and outlook of blockchain game industry.

2. Egretia Founder&CEO Peter was interviewed by TechNode Group.

Over the past two weeks, during the TechNode Group interview, Egretia Founder&CEO Peter emphasized the importance of the underlying blockchain technology and game content for the blockchain gaming industry, and gave the detailed introduction about the 4 phases of the blockchain gaming development and Egretia’s advantage by the H5 gaming package.


It’s first time for Egretia to open their community mechanism for the all followers and public! All the followers are warmly welcome to join and make effort with us to strive for a better and bright future for Egretia and blockchain gaming industry! More details please contact us on Telegram:

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