Egret Engine Powers Facebook Instant Games

Recently, the annual Global Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco from March 19th to 23rd. During the conference, the social giant Facebook showed the latest achievements of Instant Games Platform and released a new SDK for PC games. Among them, several games have gained gratifying achievements, becoming one of the most concerned focuses.

As one of the first batch of instant games on Facebook, the 1V1 online game “LOL headshot” powered by the world’s cutting-edge HTML5 engine, Egret Engine, has reached over 1 million users within 30 days. Based on using plenty of skeleton animation, taking competition and strategy as the core, it could make a lot of fun, meanwhile providing a new platform for players around the world where they are able to make new friends.

“LOL headshot” Demo Video:

Facebook Builds Instant Game Ecosystem

Given 2 billion users of Facebook, instant game is a great potential opportunity for game developers. Based on Messenger and news information flow, Instant Games Platform has set entrances on both PC side and mobile side, making full use of the cross-platform nature of HTML5 games, users can experience games without downloading. On technical level, Egret Engine, the leading HTML5 open-sourced engine, has announced technical support programs. It provides an integrated development environment and supports export and packaging to Facebook Instant Games. Using Egret Engine, developers can create games that meet the instant games technology standards very easily and efficiently.

Egret Engine Adapts Facebook Instant Games

As is known to all, instant games are built on the basis of HTML5 technology.

The“LOL headshot” R&D team has been involved in the game development field for many years. In terms of game engine selection, they pay attention to the basic capabilities as well as the learnability.

Based on Typescript language and following the HTML5 technology standards, Egret Engine can flexibly meet needs of developing 2D or 3D games. The “LOL headshot” team was on top of Egret Engine in less than 15 days. Within 3 months, they successfully developed the first 1V1 shooting game on Facebook Instant Games Platform. During development, they introduced the p2.js physics engine integrated into Egret Engine, as well as Dragonbones animation. Simulating the bleeding, explosion, falling and other special effects through the physics engine, the game has become more vivid and interesting.

As the strategic partner of Facebook Instant Games, Egret Engine has now officially supported game submission testing. Eight games powered by Egret Engine have been released on Facebook. Currently, developers are able to develop brand new HTML5 games for Facebook Instant Games platform, and also migrate existing HTML5 games built by Egret Engine to this platform. These games could officially be launched after passing the tests.



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