Edwin Chen, CEO of Egret Technology, Was Invited to Attend GMGC

The 7th Global Mobile Game Conference had its grand opening in Beijing National Convention Center on April 2nd, 2018. The theme of this year’s conference was “The game changes the world”. Edwin Chen, founder and CEO of Egret Technology, was invited to attend the summit and share his views. He said:” the problem of  homogenization of mobile games is severe, mini-game is making a new road for game industry, and a large number of users are entering games with a lower threshold”.

As the most influential game conference in the Asia Pacific, GMGC is an industry event. The panel session brought together Edwin Chen, founder and CEO of Egret Technology, Yuan Zhuang, CEO of EZFUN Technology, Wei Li, COO of Wanda Cinemas Games, and Jin Luo, chief journalist of YOUXITUOLUO. They focused on “what types of games will lead the market in 2018″, sharing their insights.

Severe Homogenization and Promising Integration of New Technologies

It has been nearly six years since the outbreak of mobile games. The problem of  homogenization in mobile game market is becoming increasingly severe. However, with the emergence of phenomenal products such as “Onmyoji” and “Traveling Frog”, the game market has been further broadened.

Edwin Chen believed that in the past year, ACG and simulation games have become a hit. At the beginning, everyone thought that some types of games were very niche and difficult to obtain popular preferences, but the opposite is true. In addition, the integration of games and new technologies is taking center stage, such as the combination of games and HTML5, blockchain technologies. Egret Technology has teamed up with Egretia Blockchain Lab to build the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. Integrating the most cutting-edge blockchain technology into Egret’s proven HTML5 workflow, HTML5 developers will be provided with low-threshold blockchain game development tools. By means of visualization tools, developers will be able to create HTML5 blockchian games efficiently without paying attention to the underlying technology.

The Mini-game is Making a New Road for Game Industry

Edwin Chen deemed that the WeChat mini-game, as an emerging market, does not have the burden of traditional mobile games. It is more free and makes a new road for game industry. “Recently we have seen a lot of projects, such as “Rogue Detective”, which fails to cause attention in the mainstream market, but it does have a large loyal user group. Using the characteristics of social platforms and the  low threshold of users’ entry, this emerging market can create many new gameplays,” noted Edwin.

According to public research data, the number of HTML5 game users reached 370 million in 2017, and only 30% of them used to play mobile games. Egret Technology  has launched a mini-game platform during the Spring Festival, reaching 20 million concurrent online users, and the weekly retention rate is greater than 17%, and is still growing rapidly. “From the confidence brought by the WeChat mini-game “Take a hop”, we know that many users who haven’t played mobile games before can enter the mini-game market with a low threshold, thus creating tremendous commercial value. This is the change and opportunity in HTML5 game market we are seeing now,” Edwin pointed out.

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