Breaking News! Egretia Launches the World’s First Blockchain Soccer Game!

On June 27, 2018, the world’s first blockchain-based soccer game “Football Master” is brought to light, recharge is now officially open.

“Football Master” is released by Egretia and Fanz, authorized by the international top football clubs. With high-quality game graphics, exciting battles, tons of real players, leagues, and tournament information, you can enjoy the fun of football here!

【Officially Licensed】

With official licenses from the international top clubs , more than 5000 registered professional players worldwide, you can now sign up popular strikers, wingers, full-backs and goalkeepers. One Team…One Dream !!

【Develop Your Exclusive Superstars】

In “Football Master”, the famous top players are not the only choice — the game has a unique player development mechanism. Here, each player is special and one of a kind. You can make use of your intelligence and talents to dig and develop an exclusive star that can compare with Ronaldo, Messi!

【Stunning 3D Matches】

Witness the wonderful performance in captivating 360 degrees 3D stadium atmosphere. Live the complete football dream!!

【Running on the Blockchain】

In “Football Master” , each player is unique. In the follow-up version, the core rules and data will be recorded on the blockchain. It is safe, efficient, tamper-resistant, and transparent, making users the real owners of the assets in the game.

【Supporting Multiple Tokens】

“Football Master” supports multiple tokens such as EGT, FANZ and ETH.

You can spare no cost to sign up famous superstars, poach top-ranking players from other clubs, or dig promising new stars by yourself. Enjoy the fun of football while earning staggering transfer fees!

With your wisdom and strategy, you can also establish a unique team, competing in tournaments and winning prizes!

Join Football Master, enjoy the glory of champions!

The official website of “Football Master”:

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