Beta Test of Egretia Blockchain SDK is Coming!

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, is now inviting global developers to join the beta test of Egretia Blockchain SDK.

Egretia Blockchain SDK will allow all HTML5 games powered by Egretia engine and tools to easily access the blockchain. Developers can quickly create HTML5 games and applications that provide blockchain capabilities such as digital wallet, smart contract, trading, etc.

Want to be among the first wave of men in HTML5 blockchain world?

Applying as a beta tester, please visit:

Integrating the most cutting-edge blockchain technology into the proven HTML5 workflow, Egretia could provide developers with low-threshold blockchain game development tools. By means of visualization tools, developers will be able to create HTML5 blockchian games efficiently without paying attention to the underlying technology. Egretia, pushing forward applications of HTML5+blockchain !

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