An Innovative Partnership Unleashes the Gaming Power of HTML5 and Blockchain

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HTML5 and blockchain could be a game-changing combination for gaming. Now, an innovative partnership provides a smoother road to widespread adoption.


HTML5 has revolutionized gaming. In addition to improving the look, performance and overall user experience, HTML5 games, videos, music and apps are click-and-play. Anyone with a device can play and share HTML5 games with friends through social media and other platforms. HTML5 gamers make up 47 percent of all mobile game users.

However, when it comes to the gaming world, HTML5 has its flaws. Security and intellectual property protection are nightmares for developers. There are few mechanisms to ensure game fairness and protect the value of virtual assets. Back-end communication is difficult. And there is no leading marketplace or global, unified secure payment platform for app users and developers to conduct transactions.

After the blockchain game CryptoKitties skyrocketed to popularity, Ethereum’s smart contract applications added HTML5 games. Blockchain applications aren’t widely adopted, but combining blockchain and HTML5 could both expand reach and offer solutions to the issues that plague HTML5 games.

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, has teamed up with Egret Technology, a global HTML5 technology service provider who has focused on HTML5 technology for more than four years. The collaboration brings Egret Technology’s existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. This end-to-end ecosystem provides a seamless, safe, and easy-to-use experience for gamers, developers, and advertisers, plus a platform to unite them. And the benefits to each are significant.

Secure payment and exchanges: Egretia provides users with a low-threshold, high-security digital wallet, making Egretia a safe payment platform for all HTML5 blockchain applications. Digital tokens, called Egreten, truly circulate within the ecosystem and can also easily be combined with games, allowing gamers to trade virtual goods, make transactions, and manage tokens with their wallets.

Seamless, multifunctional development: Developers who agonize over the IP, communication, and distribution concerns will now have access to a secure development suite with four core products and an incubator. Not only can they create blockchain applications quickly within the Egretia development suite, they will also get access to key services such as game distribution, advertising, trading, storage, and communication.

Open, fair, and transparent data: Gamers are often skeptical of the gaming industry and the falling probability of virtual goods used to increase revenue. This issue has even inspired regulators to take action in some markets. Through the Egretia Data API, game developers can write and store their core data logic, game transaction information, and game equipment values on the blockchain, making it transparent. Players can view the game numerical information at any time, and trust is restored.

A marketplace: At last, developers, gamers, advertisers, app-buyers, and others will have a single, leading place to unite and conduct transactions. Know Your Customer (KYC) certification encrypts and stores user information on the blockchain, allowing them to conduct business across the development suite and platform.

It’s a bold plan, but Egretia Blockchain Lab could be a game-changer. Providing one solution for all stakeholders to connect, communicate, and transact business easily and transparently, it could very well be the platform that unchains the combined power of HTML5 and blockchain.

For more information on Egretia, please read their white paper, The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform.

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