A Reached Strategic Cooperation Between The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Platform Egretia and Johnwick Security

The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Platform Egretia officially announces a reached strategic cooperation with Johnwick Security. Both sides will broaden the in-depth cooperation in the application security, data security as well as business security and so on, to safeguard the users’ fundamental interests and forge the securest blokchain-based application.

Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. By the integration of the existing HTML5 technology and tools with blockchain, Egretia aims at forging a globally and successfully comprehensive blockchain game development workflow.

Using Egretia suite, developers can create the blockchain games flexibly and efficiently without paying attention to the blockchain complicated underlying technology, also it assures the virtual asset circulation between games and games. Meanwhile, Egretia establishes four core platforms which are decentralized communication & storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, virtual goods trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubators, to provide the comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers, and build a perfect ecosystem.

Johnwick Security, recognized as the famous security institution, focus on the Exchange security, Smart Contracts security, Wallet security and Mining Pools security. Johnwick Security provides the deep penetration test in related to the blockchain, and the comprehensive & in-depth security vulnerability detection services for partner companies, aiming at monitoring and discovering the potential security loophole lying in the enterprise applications promptly. Meanwhile, the smart contract audit services of Johnwick Security, integrates with the manually detection from well-known safety professional teams at the core of Deep Neural Network Intelligent Code Analysis Engine so as to improve the efficiency& accuracy of audit and eliminate the blind spots of manual audit.

Johnwick Security, as the initial security ecosystem partner with Egretia, will provide the in-depth audit for Egretia Smartstore and Egretia Web Wallet and offer the comprehensive security solution to the various blocks of the ecosystem in the future, furtherly ensuing the terminal users’ asset security. Both enterprise will work hand in hand to establish the blockchain ecosystem security and stimulate the development and prosperity of the blockchain.

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