Egretia Bi-weekly Report — Phase XXV

Over the past two weeks, the Egretia team have been furthering the development of our technology, strategic cooperation and community ecosystem. Regarding our technology, the R&D team has focused on the development of our wallet and game platform. As for the product, Egretia has officially launched the blockchain game — Football King. Furthermore, concerning our cooperations, Egretia announces a strategic partnership with the well-known blockchain technology team Cartesi. Regarding our community, online events for Egretia Vietnamese community and news conference of Football King have been successfully held. Lastly, in the media, BTCMANAGER has reported several news articles about Egretia and the CEO has been invited by a media firm to take part in an AMA event. For more details, please join our telegram community!

> Technology Product Update

EGT Wallet

* HD wallet (100%)

* Development of Transaction history service

* Other details optimization

* Cloud wallet function development (30%)

* Cloud wallet recharge function development (under development)

* Cloud wallet withdrawal function development (under development)

* Cloud wallet transferring function development (under development)

* Cloud wallet third-party authorized research and development (80%)

* Cloud wallet third-party access documentation (100%)

* Wallet product page

* Prototype design completed

* Product page design (30%)

* Other function development

Egretia Open Platform R&D

* Open platform prototyping (20%)


* Game online and technical support

* Optimize and fix player feedback issues

  • Third-party technical support

A High-quality Blockchain Game

Football King

Egretia has officially released Football King on the 10th of September. Football King, a blockchain mobile football game, will be released by Egretia and will support various cryptocurrencies such as EGT, ETH, and more. It covers real-time dynamic data from over 5000 famous professional football players in the world. Moreover, it provides stunning matches in 360 degrees, a captivating 3D atmosphere like FIFA, thrilling battles between gamers, and our leading and powerful game engine will provide you with realistic and fun competitions. Game supports multiple cryptocurrencies including EGT, ETH and so forth.

Egretia announces a strategic partnership with well-known blockchain technology team Cartesi

The world’s first HTML5 blockchain game ecosystem Egretia has reached a partnership with Cartesi, focusing on Layer 2 scalability solution for blockchain. Cartesi will enter the HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Alliance initiated by Egretia and will support the expansion of the Egretia ecosystem.

In the coming future, through the in-depth cooperation with Cartesi on the scalability of the main chain and off-chain game application development, Egretia ecosystem will become more robust and content-rich.

Egretia Partner Hydax Launches Its First IGO

Hydax first IGO Atlas Protocol(ATP), a star program jointly incubated by Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) , has raised 12.5 million EGT. Based on Hydax first IGO rules, 50% of EGT ( equivalent to 6.25 million EGT) from its first IGO project ATP has been burned on August 30th, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. (see Hydax website:

In the future, Egretia will have further cooperation with more exchanges to cross the threshold of games and exchanges, and also accelerate the circulation between tokens and game asset.

Egretia Partner Hydax release of Second IGO

Hydax listed the second IGO, Echoin, at 20:00 8th Sep. EC (Echoin Token) worth of $300,000 dollars will be on sale with a 50% discount of the market price. Support trading pair is EC/USDT. The qualified applicants and amounts have been decided through EGT snapshot holdings 5 days prior to the event. For more details visit:


Vietnam Community Event

Egretia Marketing Managers have been invited by COIN98 to give an AMA to Vietnamese users. COIN98 reported as follows:

Egretia Foortball King Press Conference

The Press conference of Football King has been successfully sponsored by Egretia in Beijing on the 6th of September, altogether with more than 80 industrial prominent companies including media enterprises, investment institutions, and exchanges. During the conference, Egretia CEO Peter gave an keynote speech about Egretia Football King and Egretia Gaming Ecosystem and also announced that Football King has been officially released.


BTCMANAGER News about Egretia

AMA event about Football King

Egretia CEO has been invited for an AMA event about Egretia blockchain game — Football King by Zhonglian Media and Lian Media to give an detailed introduction about Egretia gaming ecosystem and blockchain gaming industry.

More than 10 mainstream media Reports about Egretia press conference

Stay tuned for updates from the Egretia official channels about Football King below so that you can be involved in all the exciting things to come!

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