Egretia announces a strategic partnership with well-known blockchain technology team Cartesi

The world’s first HTML5 blockchain game ecosystem Egretia has reached a partnership with Cartesi, focusing on Layer 2 scalability solution for blockchain. Cartesi will enter the HTML5 Blockchain Gaming Alliance initiated by Egretia and will support the expansion of the Egretia ecosystem.

In the coming future, through the in-depth cooperation with Cartesi on the scalability of the main chain and off-chain game application development, Egretia ecosystem will become more robust and content-rich.

Cartesi is a decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure that solves the problems of computational scalability and development infrastructure for the decentralized web.

With Cartesi, Blockchain applications can be coded with the vast domain of mainstream software stacks available today. Applications run off-chain, with the strong security guarantees of the blockchain, but free from its computation limits and high costs.

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