Egretia Bi-weekly Report XXX

Over the past two weeks, the Egretia Team has been furthering the development of its technology, strategic cooperation and community ecosystem. Regarding our technology, the R&D team has mostly focused on the development of the new wallet and game platform, the preparations for the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and the conduct of the upgraded Smart IDE contract development tool. As for the community, the Egretia Team has launched the result of its Global DApp contest! In the media, many mainstream news sources like Yahoo, Seeking Alpha and MarketWatch, have reported news about Egretia. If you like to learn more, please visit our Telegram community channel for further discussion!

> Technology Product Update

Preparations for the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade

Daily maintenance and optimization of the blockchain browser

The upgraded Smart IDE contract development tool supports the latest version of Solidity

#### EGT Wallet

*Multi-language Function Development

*HD Wallet Optimization

*Transaction History Service Optimization

*Third-party Access to SDK

* Other Details Optimization

*Cloud Wallet Function Development

* Development of Cloud Wallet Deposit Function

* Development of Cloud Wallet Withdrawal Function

* Development of Cloud Wallet Transfer Function

*Cloud Wallet Third-party Authorized Research & Development

* Document compiling for Third-party Access to Cloud Wallet

*Wallet Product Interface Optimization

*Prototyping Completion

* Product Interface Design

*Other Function Dev.

#### Egretia Open Platform R&D

*Open Platform Prototyping

#### Other

  • Third-party Technical Support

Community Ecosystem

Which game stands out from the competition?

Since its initial launch on October 1st 2019, the contest attracted a lot of developers, and we had over 50 entries for the event. The contest not only attracted blockchain developers, but also drew the attention of traditional developers with limited background in developing DApps. The contest gathered developers around the world to accomplish the mission of bridging the gap between the traditional gaming market and the blockchain gaming market.

Thanks to the many outstanding contestants in this competition, and also congratulations to the following three teams for standing out from the 11 candidates and winning the final prize.

Block Pirate:

Block Pirate is the first DApp game combining tower defense and TCG in the world. It was developed by the Block Kingdom, a blockchain game development team in North America. In Block Pirate, each player is the lord of an island in Archipelago. Players fight for Block Crystal with their troop cards and tower defense strategy in the PvP battle.


Developed by the winning team of the NEO Game Development Competition, DemonTap is a clicker crypto game with blockchain features such as a cool experience, a deep development system, a trading market, and asset confirmation.


Designed by the students from Northeastern University, BarryMax brings the Magic world into the blockchain world. With its original design and gameplay, it brings the players into the world of the Barry. Barry was born from nothingness, he is weak and helpless, the law of the jungle in the monster’s world made him eager to get stronger since he has a unique ability that his body changes by the object he absorbs. Players collect nature elements for Barry to learn from famous monsters how to be stronger, then make Barry evolve by receiving the key item.

In addition, there are also various mind-blowing entries, such as, which will continuously help the Egretia community to become a better community.


The Egretia global DApp contest has been reported by more than 129 overseas mainstreaming news sources so far, such as:


Seeking alpha:






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