Egretia Bi-weekly Report – Phase XXVI

Over the past two weeks, the Egretia Team has been furthering the development of the technology, strategic cooperation and community ecosystem. Regarding our technology, the R&D team has mostly focused on the development of the new wallet and game platform; As for the community, Egretia Global DApp Contest kicked off on Oct.1st. Additionally, Egretia North American Community (ENAC) will also hold more than 10 global online & offline meetups and training workshops in Boston, San Francisco, L.A., and more; In the media, many mainstream news sources have reported news about Egretia, which include news sites such as Thomas Reuter, Marketwatch, and CCN. If you like to learn more, please visit our Telegram community channel for further discussion!

> Technology Product Update

❖ EGT Wallet

  • HD Wallet Development (100%)

* Transaction record service R&D

* Other details optimization

* Cloud Wallet Function Research & Development (60%)

* Research and development of the recharge function (completed)

* Development of the withdrawal function (under development)

* Research and development of the fund transfer function (completed)

* Development of the third-party authorization function (80%)

* Wallet Product Page Development (100%)

* Prototype design (completed)

* Product page design (completed)

* Page development (completed)

* Other functions R&D

  • ❖ Egretia Open Platform Research and Development

* Prototype design (completed)

* Product Page design (completed)

* Official website (80%)

  • ❖ Other

* Game launch and technical support

* Optimize and resolve the problems raised by players

* Third-party technical support

Community Ecosystem

2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest Kicked Off!

2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest kicked off on Oct.1st, initiated by Egretia North American Community (ENAC). The participants shall submit their business proposals or preliminary projects, which utilize Egretia’s technology and support EGT as their payments prior to the deadline on Nov.15th ( ENAC hopes that more and more developers can be involved in the competition.

Competing teams will be supported by the brilliant minds in gaming and blockchain technology and will be armed with extraordinary hands-on mentorship throughout the contest. The winners will be offered a generous bounty and reward, including further support for project development, incubation and potential investment. To apply, please fill out the 2019 Egretia Global DApp Contest form.

Egretia Meetup – —Boston!

The 2019 Egretia Global DApp Competition will be hosted by the Egretia North American Community (ENAC) at the MIT Sloan School of Management on October 17th. For more details visit: /

Alternative link to register on: m

Upcoming Community Meetups!

The Overviews of Egretia Reports

Egretia Education Series 7

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