Blockchain Game “Football Master” Time-limited Auction Has Started! Gathering top clubs including Manchester, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, Bayern Munich, world-renowned players such as Sterling, Paulinho, Umtiti are now accessible in auction! Click here to join the event:

《Football Master》, as the world’s first blockchain football game, is launched by the exclusive representative Egretia altogether with Fanz, licensed by the top clubs. With high-quality game graphics, exciting battles, tons of real players, leagues, and tournament information, Players can enjoy the fun of football here!

《Football Master》Time-limited Auction has started on July 16th ! The auction football super stars come from five major clubs including Manchester City Football Club, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, Bayern Munich! The football stars in initial auction will be not available anymore! All of them are unique in the world! Grab and conquer your football star!

《Football Master》 Official website:

Blockchain Game “Football Master” Time-limited Auction Will Start on July 16th! The football super stars in auction come from five major clubs including Manchester, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, Bayern Munich! Click here to join the auction:

《Football Master》, as the world’s first blockchain football game, is launched by the exclusive representative Egretia altogether with Fanz, licensed by the top clubs. With high-quality game graphics, exciting battles, tons of real players, leagues, and tournament information, Players can enjoy the fun of football here!

《Football Master》Time-limited Auction will start on July 16th ! The auction football super stars come from five major clubs including Manchester City Football Club, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, Bayern Munich! The football stars in initial auction will be not available anymore! All of them are unique in the world! Grab and conquer your football star!

《Football Master》 Official website:

Egretia Cooperates With Nebulas to Promote the Blockchain Ecosystem

Egretia, the world’s first HLML5 Blockchain Platform, and Nebulas, which is recognized as a new generation of Public Blockchain, jointly announce that they will cooperate together strategically. In the coming future, both enterprises will take initiatives to cooperate with each other in the three main directions of Blockchain developer community, Public Blockchain and the content platform of Blockchain, furtherly focus on the exploration and foundation of blockchain context, and also jointly promote the prosperity and innovation of blockchain industry through the complementary advantages of both sides.

Two powerful companies work together to explore the blockchain

Egretia , the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform, is committed to bringing the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world. By the integration of the existing HTML5 technology and tools with blockchain, Egretia aims at forging a globally and successfully comprehensive blockchain game development workflow

Using Egretia toolkits, developers can create the blockchain games flexibly and efficiently without paying attention to the blockchain complicated underlying technology, also it assures the virtual asset circulation between games and games. Meanwhile, Egretia establishes four core platforms which are decentralized communication &storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, virtual prop trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubators, to provide the comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content suppliers, channels and advertisers, and build up a perfect ecology.

Nebulas, as a new generation of public blockchain, is committed to structuring a sustainable and upgrading ecology. Nebulas upholds three philosophies, which are the value evaluation, self-evolution capacity and nature-motivation. Empowered with all the functions of ETH, Nebulas 1.0 Eagle version becomes a much more professional choice as public chain than ETH. Nebulas serves the developers friendly as well since it not only supports the application of Javascript programming, Smart contract and DApp but also is easy to operate. Besides, Nebulas is the only public chain to use LLVM, by application of concurrency technology, with superior performance, transaction capability 2000TPS, the secure and stable system, high expandability and the capability of smart contract employment and upgrading.

The realization of Strategic cooperation between Egretia and Nebulas will unveil a new era of the exploration of blockchain development, further facilitate the integration of both advance sources and speed up the foundation of blockchain application. Meanwhile, the mutual innovation, cooperation and initiatives will not only benefit the developers, but also motivate the creativity, and powerfully promote the prosperity and boom of this industry.

Concentrate on taking the initiatives to promote the ecology development in three directions.

In the aspects of strategic cooperation initiatives, both Egretia and Nebulas will focus on the blockchain developer community, public chain and blockchain content platform, proactively promote the processing acceleration of the blockchain, extend the block chain application context and improve the value.

  1. Blochchain developers community, on the basis of the advantages of both Egretia and Nebulas in the developers community, Egretia and Nebulas will enlarge the investment in the developers technology community and mutually build up the complete and active developers community.
  2. Public chain cooperation. Nebulas flatly connects with the Egretia development workflow. Developers are available to post to the Nebulas by one-click by the blockchain application of Egretia workflow development.
  3. Blockchain content platform. Egretia will deepen the cooperation in the blockchain content platform with Nebulas starting from the blockchain technological application specified field, and jointly forge a new blockchain content ecology.

Egretia CEO Peter Huang Was Interviewed in Blockchain Game Celebrity of Sina Game

It’s an urgent concern for the blockchain developers to design a quality blockchain game. In comparison to the traditional game, the blockchain game is characterized by decentralization and it is tamper-resistant because its rules can be programmed and embedded into the smart contract. However, many blockchain developers are lack of knowledge about the blockchain, and in-depth consideration of numerical system, design and core gameplay.

Egretia CEO Peter Huang was interviewed in Blockchain Game Celebrity of Sina Game.

When asked about the biggest challenge for blockchain developers, he replied that, blockchain game is recognized as the best application scenarios of blockchain technology and is quickly spreading. In consideration of its fast development, developers should timely acquire the knowledge of blockchain development tools, languages as well as market environment , and also pick the applicable public chain to integrate with its inherent advantages.

It’s the most challenging for blockchain developers to have the right perspective of the blockchain and consensus mechanism with a dispassionate attitude and to reposition the developers’ sovereignty in traditional games in order to design a value-shared blockchain game in which players and content providers could grow mutually.

In addition, Peter mentioned that, Egretia has launched blockchain development workflow RC(Release Candidate)1.0 version to help developers create blockchain applications very easily and efficiently

Technically, however, it still has a long way to transition from traditional games to blockchain games. It is divided into 3 phases:

First, token, as the game payment. Revolving around the blockchain technical features to design game numerical system and gameplay, this is what most developers are trying to do.

Second, core assets recorded on blockchain. Solve the traditional game inflation issue, and also ensure the value maintenance and value increment of virtual assets the game players have acquired.

Third, some specified gameplay will be conducted in an open and fair way by using smart contracts to set the game logic and rules on the blockchain.

Breaking News! Egretia Launches the World’s First Blockchain Soccer Game!

On June 27, 2018, the world’s first blockchain-based soccer game “Football Master” is brought to light, recharge is now officially open.

“Football Master” is released by Egretia and Fanz, authorized by the international top football clubs. With high-quality game graphics, exciting battles, tons of real players, leagues, and tournament information, you can enjoy the fun of football here!

【Officially Licensed】

With official licenses from the international top clubs , more than 5000 registered professional players worldwide, you can now sign up popular strikers, wingers, full-backs and goalkeepers. One Team…One Dream !!

【Develop Your Exclusive Superstars】

In “Football Master”, the famous top players are not the only choice — the game has a unique player development mechanism. Here, each player is special and one of a kind. You can make use of your intelligence and talents to dig and develop an exclusive star that can compare with Ronaldo, Messi!

【Stunning 3D Matches】

Witness the wonderful performance in captivating 360 degrees 3D stadium atmosphere. Live the complete football dream!!

【Running on the Blockchain】

In “Football Master” , each player is unique. In the follow-up version, the core rules and data will be recorded on the blockchain. It is safe, efficient, tamper-resistant, and transparent, making users the real owners of the assets in the game.

【Supporting Multiple Tokens】

“Football Master” supports multiple tokens such as EGT, FANZ and ETH.

You can spare no cost to sign up famous superstars, poach top-ranking players from other clubs, or dig promising new stars by yourself. Enjoy the fun of football while earning staggering transfer fees!

With your wisdom and strategy, you can also establish a unique team, competing in tournaments and winning prizes!

Join Football Master, enjoy the glory of champions!

The official website of “Football Master”:

Token Distribution Announcement

Dear participants:

Egretia has completed its stage 2 of data analysis and calculations for the main sales event. Now we are on the way to the Stage 3 for the token distribution no later than July 01, 2018, meaning the entire procedure shall be done within 6 weeks. So please get yourself prepared ahead of time for token receivings!

In order for you to receive public sale tokens at your Tokeneed account successfully, please read carefully for the following instructions:

1. For those of you who haven’t put your withdraw address in the account, please be sure to add them before the distribution date. Just go to My Profile -> Withdraw Address, it has to be ERC20 Compatible wallet address.

2. For those of you who have already had your withdraw address in the account, make sure the address neither from smart contract nor from the Exchange, which can lead to a failed transaction. Just be aware of that and make a switch if they were.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Egretia 1.0 is officially released, 4 products are launched and documents are online


On June 8th, the Egretia platform officially released version 1.0 of RC(Release Candidate) of the Egretia HTML5 blockchain game development workflow. The Egretia blockchain game developer workflow can help HTML5 game developers to develop blockchain games quickly and easily without learning complicated blockchain technology first.

This version mainly includes the following content:

  • Launcher 1.0.53 Release
  • Egretia Server 1.0 Release
  • SmartIDE 1.0 Release
  • Web Wallet 1.0 Release
  • Egretia’s Product Center officially launched
  • Egretia’s Chinese and English product documentation officially launched

Developers now have access to the Egretia Product Center
( for download and use.

1. Launcher: Egretia Tool and Service Integration Tool

The Launcher is a unified portal for Egretia tools and services. Not only does it facilitate the download of the management engine, but it also downloads and manages Egretia’s workflow-related tools. In addition, HTML5 projects are created, managed, and published by the Launcher. Therefore, the first thing that developers need to install is the Launcher. Today, version 1.0.53 of the Launcher is officially released. Not only does the version support the creation of blockchain games, but it also supports the release of the games.

• Egret Launcher makes it easy to create and publish blockchain games quickly.
• Code coloring and code hints are supported by using Wing to develop blockchain games.
• The Egretia SDK embeds a Web Wallet so that developers are able to use Web Wallet for game debugging.

The Egretia Team provides a detailed tutorial for beginners on:

2. Egretia Server: Blockchain Local Node Server

Egretia Server is a blockchain local node server that you can use to deploy smart contracts, develop applications, and run tests. Egretia Server mainly contains four functions: account, block, transaction, and log.

• Account: The page shows the account and its balance.
• Blocks: The page shows the mined blocks, the gas that is being used, and transaction information.
• Transaction: The page lists all transactions that are running on the blockchain.
• Logs: The page shows a detailed log of the Egretia Server, which is very helpful for debugging.

Please visit the website for detailed documents about its operation:

3. SmartIDE: Writing the Smart Contract on the Cloud IDE

The development of blockchain games cannot live without the development of smart contracts. SmartIDE is a powerful and smart contract development tool that allows you to write Solidity contracts directly on the cloud. Working with the Egretia HTML5 development engine and Egretia Server will greatly improve the efficiency of development.

SmartIDE contains the following eight functions:

• Explorer: The file browser lists all files stored in the browser by default. You can see them in your browser folder. You can rename, delete or add new files to File Explorer at any time.
• Code Editor: The SmartIDE Editor recompiles the code every time when you change the current file or select another one. It also provides syntax highlighting of keywords.
• Console output: The console can view events output by the SmartIDE.
• Compiling: If developers need to use the compiling function after writing the smart contract, the function will display any possible errors under the contract.
• Running & Deployment: The Run tab is an important part of SmartIDE. It allows you to deploy smart contracts into the blockchain.
• Settings: Settings dispatches the current version of the compiler and allows you to switch to other versions.
• Analysis: The analysis function provides information about the last compilation. By default, each compilation will run a new analysis.
• Debugging: This module allows you to debug transactions. It can be used to deploy transactions created from SmartIDE. (Debugging works only if the current environment provides the necessary functionality).

Please visit this website for detailed documents on its operation:

4. Web Wallet: Seamlessly Fusion the Blockchain Web Wallet

The Web Wallet is a web-side wallet provided for developers by the Egretia team. Another big difference between blockchain game development and traditional game development is that blockchain games need to interact with the blockchain, so they need to deal with wallets constantly. Although there are third-party wallets, such as Metamask on the market, it is not very convenient for blockchain game development, so the Egretia team developed the local debug wallet, Web Wallet. During the development of blockchain games, Web Wallet is embedded into the game so that it can be used easily when debugging the game.

Please visit this website for detailed documents on its operation:

Other updates

1. Egretia product center is officially launched

In addition to the above four product updates, Egretia also officially launched the product center to facilitate developers to download and use the latest products. The product center has the following functions:

• Facilitating developers to experience Egretia case games
• Facilitating developers to download Egretia series products
• Facilitating developers to learn blockchain game development through the documentation

The current product center is the first version. Please stay tuned for the upcoming new official website, product center, and developer center.
Egretia Product Center:

2. Egretia Chinese and English Product Documentation

The official documents for all the above products have been updated to Github. Please visit the website:

Note: The new version of the document center is coming soon.


Egretia is the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform and is bringing 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 terminals into the blockchain world. Egretia’s blockchain game development workflow will greatly reduce the development threshold of blockchain games, allowing developers to focus on game development. The development of blockchain games is accompanied by like-minded partners. At the end of the article, there is an official Egretia telegram group (VPN required). You are welcome to join the HTML5 blockchain game development family!

Egretia’s growth has been supported and encouraged by everyone. We will continue to update the content of our products and work together with HTML5 game developers to advance the HTML5 blockchain game industry. Thanks again for everyone’s support!

Egretia Social Media Platform: